Child Abuse This Was Not The Right Family For Me

myself Charlene and sons  Alexander & Vincent 001 - Copy


All the racist black so-called family people did was drag me into a very dangerous situation that they never should have taken me too and all the people did was really get on my nerves for several years Carmella E Barber is the cause of me having a heart attack because she and her people tried to kill me for nothing and because Carmella got a real bad personal vendetta against me from the start and her who family got a serious personal vendetta against me. they people do got a personal vendetta against my children because they did started this with me first. and they so-called family people did nearly killed my son Alexander for nothing he did not do to them damn people they really are cowards. THE SO-CALLED FAMILY PEOPLE ARE HOLDING ME HOSTAGE AND THE SO-CALLED FAMILY PEOPLE ARE HOLDING MY KIDS HOSTAGET AND THEY WILL NOT LET GO OF ME AND THEY WILL NOT LET GO OF MY KIDS.
I really wish Carmella E Barber and Nelson R Barber never took me to their family because all the people did really get on my nerves. I will not forget when the so-called mother step people Ralph James in laws Willie Morgan wanted me to let them take my son Alexander to a hotel when he turn 18 years old and I did not go along with that because that was a set up they are the people who did tell me I can wait in the front while Alexander is in a hotel room no I did not go along with that because Carmella E Barber step people were going to kill my son Alexander in that hotel room and dispose of my son and the so-called mother did tell me her sister Clara Pumphrey used to date one of the James brothers and Clara was married to a man named Willie and someone cut his throat in a hotel room and he was killed in a hotel room and when Clara tried to collect the social security benefits they did not give her the benefits because Willie was a married man he was already married to another women he committed bigamy this is what my grandmother Carmella Pumphrey McCoy did tell me when I was living in her home after the so-called parents put me out of the home on the streets of Chicago, Illinois they evicted me because they did not want AN ALBINO CHILD IN THEIR HOME. THEY WERE VERY MEAN, EVIL AND VERY HOSTILLY CRUEL TO ME AND THEY ALL DO TREAT BOTH MY SONS Alexander and Vincent the same they always been very down right narcissistically, hostile and cowardly criminal with me and my kids. the people have criminally manipulate me and they did manipulate my children these are not none of my family people they are worst than a fake family


Child Abuse That Never Did Stop At All

ImageWhen I said HELP! I AM AN UNWANTED CHILD WITH ALBINISM I TOLD THE TRUTH I AM NOT LYING ABOUT THIS, EVERYBODY ELSE IN THIS SO-CALLED FAMILY NEVER HAD NO KIND OF TROUBLE GETTING THEIR INCOME, when Tyrone Barber applied for SSI he got his stipend letter and his back pay and he worked for several years and I DO NOT NEED NO SO-CALLED GUAARDIAN I AM NOT RETARDED AND I AM NOT LACKING IN INTELLIGANCE, I DID GET TAKEN TO THE WRONG SO-CALLED FAMILY, THEN WHY DO PEOPLE GIVE ME A REALLY HARD TIME GETTING HELP WITH MY OWN PERSONAL INCOME? I am severely disabled and why I can not get a stipend letter and my back pay I am disabled that is not fair to me, everybody else do get their stipend letter and they do get their back paid, why do I get treated different I am just asking, I got a right to ask nobody want to help people don’t listen to me here at all, and I DO NOT HAVE NO DELUSIONAL DISORDER, WHY DO EVERYBODY GET THEIRS.
OCTOBER 10-2013
I really don’t understand this so-called family black people who dragged me in this family I don’t like the way they treated me, I have Albinism an inherited genetic condition by birth, after several years of being horrendously tortured by several so-called family members and the unjustified abuses and hatred against me, they are very superstitious black family who do got something against me who have Albinism, after several years unfair and unprovoked abuses and they called me all kinds of racist derogatory names and they did all kinds of criminal horrific things to me and they broke my heart some doctors got in my face and told me that I HAD A HEART ATTACK AND I DID NOT DESERVE NOT ONE DAMN CRIMINAL INCIDENT AND THEY USED ME FOR THEIR OWN PERSONAL GAIN, AND SOME OF THE PEOPLE ON THE SO-CALLED MOTHER CARMELLA E BARBER SIDE SOME OF HER PEOPLE TOLD ME THEY DON’T HAVE PEOPLE IN THEIR FAMILY WITH ALBINISM AND THAT IT JUST HAPPENS THAT IS A LIE, ALBINISM IS INHERITED BY BIRTH, I DON’T APPRECIATE THE CRIMINAL PUNISHMENT THIS SO-CALLED DONE TO ME AND MY CHILDREN, THEY DID MAKE ME AND MY CHILDREN’S LIFE A PURE LIVING HELL. I AM NOT A WITCH DON’T CALL ME NO DAMN WITCH AND MY CHILDREN MY SONS ARE NOT NO WARLOCK DON’T CALL MY TWO SONS NO GOT DAMN WARLOCK THAT IS REALLY CRIMINAL THEY ARE NOT BETTER THAN ME AND THEY ARE NOT BETTER THAN MY TWO SONS WHO ARE THEM PEOPLE TO JUDGE ME AND WHO ARE THOSE PEOPLE TO JUDGE MY TWO SONS, WE ARE BETTER THAN THEY ARE. WE ARE NOT WITCHES, WARLOCKS AND CRIMINALS AND WE DON’T STEAL FROM OTHER PEOPLE.
myself Charlene and sons  Alexander & Vincent 001 - Copy


Imagemyself Charlene and sons  Alexander & Vincent 001 - CopyMY WHOLE LIFE WAS WRONG FROM THE START
I never lived a normal life but the family people been telling everybody that I was not a normal person, and the family people gossiped about me being an Albino in the family I spent several years being deliberately picked on and target by inside family people and some outsiders who been helping them don’t nobody call me crazy that is PURE B.S, Now look at all of the things I have suffered it was pure criminal and it was pure hell and it was really down right horrible from the beginning, and since I wasn’t wanted life was never the same with me as a result of several years of unprovoked bias hate crimes. I was really morbidly hurt by several family people who impersonated me and they walked all over me from the start. and someone in this family did tell me that there is someone who is a wanna be is a want to be and that is extremely dangerous for somebody to do me and my children like that, and I have been having real serious problems for people who alway picked on me and they did make fun of me too and all those family people did pick on both my 2 sons and they did make fun of my 2 sons personally because they really got a serious and an unexplained personal vendetta against me from the start and they never did tell me why and I don’t know Jack S*** how am I suppose to know when family people refuses to tell me why that is very wrong from the start. Because the family do got something against ALBINISM AND I HAVE ALBINISM, AND I’M NOT LISTED WITH THIS FAMILY AS A FAMILY MEMBER NO I AM NOT LYING ABOUT THIS. THE FAMILY PEOPLE MADE ME INVISIBLE AND THEY DID MAKE BOTH MY CHILDREN INVISIBLE TOO. MY CHILDREN AND I DO NOT HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON WITH THOSE FAMILY PEOPLE AT ALL, THEN THE SO-CALLED FAMILY PEOPLE SPENT MANY YEARS OF MY ENTIRE LIFE BRAINWASHING ME, I WAS INNOCENT WHILE I WAS GROWING UP AS A CHILD TOO. AND I GOT HURT BY THEM CAGING ME LIKE A CAGED ANIMAL, I WAS LOCKED DOWN AND BARROWED BY THE SO-CALL FAMILY PEOPLE THAT WAS REALLY HORRIABLE ALL OF THIS BEICAUSE I AM AN UNWANTED CHILD WITH ALBINISM AND THEY NEVER CHANGED THEIR BEHAVIOR AND THEIR BAD ATTITUDE TOWARDS ME NO THAY DID NOT CHANGE THEIR ATTITUDE TOWARDS ME AND MY KIDS EITHER THEY REALLY HATE US. THINGS HAVE GOTTEN FAR MORE WORSER AGAINST ME AND MY KIDS, AND THE FAMILY PEOPLE IS THE CAUSE OF ME GOING COMPLETELY DOWN HILL. AND I DON’T HAVE NOTHING TO RETIRE ON NOT AT ALL EVEYBODY EXCEPT ME AND MY CHILDREN. THIS WAS NOT THE RIGHT FAMILY PEOPLE FOR ME AND NOT FOR MY CHILDREN IT WAS NOT. IT WAS VERY UGLY, CRIMINAL AND IT WAS DOWN RIGHT SABOTAGE. The family people treated me like a slave and they never allowed me to work and get paid for it, they would not let me live and grow and when Carmella Barber’s husband Nelson Barber died in Feb 2008, Carmella did tell me he said when she sell the house to give me so much off the house Carmella is not going to give me nothing off that house, she and Patricia Metcalf Barber can keep that money I don’t want nothing off that house because the family people did was do all kinds of horrific criminal things to me and they did treat me like an outcast and an outsider and they did treat me like another women’s child instead of their own child. Her mother did tell me that Patricia will move to California State soon to live with her son she did tell me that.

The People Treated Me Like An Outcast And An Outsider For Decades

I was not ever accepted in this family, the people treated me like an outcast and an out sider. They should not have forced me to dye my hair brown and wear brown hair wigs. Carmella Barber gave me these 3 wigs in 2010, she did not tell me the reason why she gave me the brown hair wigs and she suddenly stopped talking to me and she cut off communication with me. the family people do not have me listed with the family people at all, it is like I was never even born, the people did targeted me for several years and the people always called me racist derogatory names, the people called ALBINO, THE WHITE B, YELLOW B, MOSTLY ALBINO AND WHITE B WORD. IN NOVEMBER 2010 ON THANKS GIVING DAY, she knew I was coming from the far N side of the city way in advanced before that day came. I called her telephone before I left my home she did give me the ok to come over, and when I came with in 8 blocks of her address, she told me to go back home with the Thanks Giving Dinner after I came all the way from the far other side of the city I and my family went back home for our safety and she was never right with me, but she don’t talk to me, this is not nothing new. I don’t have to wear this my true hair color is blonde and I am very proud to wear my hair blonde


myself Charlene and sons  Alexander & Vincent 001 - CopyImageThose people do got something against people with ALBINISM Black family members dehumanized me. black people in the family gotten things started against me first Carmella Barber, and Nelson Barber did not want me for their child but they took me home when they should have left me behind and Clara Pumphrey she never was no loving aunt to me at all, she dehumanized me from the very beginning of my life and what do Clara Pumphrey all of the whole family people GOT REAL VENOMOUS HATRED AGAINST ME FOR NOTHING I DONE TO NONE OF THEM PEOPLE and why TOO MUCH HATRED AGAINST ME and WHY TOO MUCH VENOMOUS HATRED AGAINST BOTH MY CHILDREN Alexander and Vincent for nothing my sons did not do to them people why did Ralph H James lie to me to get me back up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin they did force bogus checks down my throat, because I was very scared for my life and I was on about to have a complete nervous break down, Carmella Elizabeth Pumphrey Barber they call Muff did tell me her sister Clara N Pumphrey Noonie wad going with one of Barbara McCoy James sons she did tell me that herself, she did tell me that herself. all the black people in this family did was really bad dangerous crimes against me for my whole entire life for nothing and for nothing I did not do I never provoked no kind of criminal acts on me by the people who took me home in this family, I had nothing but problems from these black family people who took me to their family and they should not have taken me to their family, they should not have taken me home MUFF WAS VERY WRONG FOR TAKEN ME TO HER FAMILY SHE SHOULD HAVE LEFT ME ALTOGETHER. While I was living at 8921 N in Milwaukee, WI the people Ralph H James and his wife Dorrie Kate Morgan James those people were suddenly moving from 9050 N 95th street, while they were moving out of there they was trying to get me to move right in to their place they were moving from and move right next door to them while they moved to the same address to unit A, the people always hated me, why did they want me too close to them they do not like me at all, I do know they never did like me at all, and that is too close for comfort, and another Ralph James wife Dorie Kate James she taken the title to the 1985 Tan Chevy van and she did not turn the title in so I can get in trouble with the Milwaukee Wisconsin Police and Ralph James her husband told me to call the Milwaukee Police tell them I don’t know where the van is, the van have been stolen and I want to file a POLICE REPORT ; I did not listen to Ralph H James because it is a false statement and I did not file a police report the police will arrest you for filing a false police report, the people in the family always picked on me and Ralph James is John McCoy’s grandson and Barbara McCoy’s son. and Markham James is Ralph’ brother and the McCoy family is relentlessly still angry at me for what their mother and my grandmother Carmella McCoy is responsible for they were responsible for the care of all us when we were only babies at the time Markham James and both women left the home, they went to get drinks and they were gone for long hours and there was no adults baby sitting none of us babies and I was only a 5 year old baby girl myself.

HOW DO YOU BLAME A SMALL CHILD FOR ADULT RESPONSIBILITIES? I was an innocent baby girl who should not have been taken out of school and taken to an unhealthy environment where people get drunk all the time and fight and innocent babies get hurt for nothing because of grown post war people and the people are always full of excuses. Patricia Metcalf Barber never did act a sister no way instead she always acted like a sibling rivalry, SHE ALWAYS HATED MY GUTS and she really do not give a damn what happens to me because she always had opposition towards since childhood she never did change her attitude and her ways toward all them people do is be really very dirty and sneaky behind my back and I know the family people never did like at all. I WILL NEVER LIVE IN MILWAUKEE WISCONSIN NEVER AGAIN NOT ANYWHERE IN WISCONSIN BECAUSE I DON’T WANT NO MORE PROBLEMS FROM THEM PEOPLE UP THERE. there are several tickets and citations I did not put on the 1985 Tan Chev Van because I never did drive the van all the family people did was just took me home just to use me and endanger me and endanger my children the family people cheated me out of my whole life and they all tried to take my children away from me and that is ALL VERY HATEFUL AND ALL VERY CRIMINAL FOR THEM TO ALL TREAT ME AND TREAT MY CHILDREN LIKE PURE TRASH.


family photos 001ImageMy whole life was and still is nothing but pure hell, and something is seriously wrong somewhere, my father is a white man, who I do not really know then why the hell did the people pick on me my whole entire life, they did attack me for several years for nothing I was not at fault for nothing I did not even do, then why did all those family people who took me to their family did not leave me behind and not leave me alone and not let someone else raise me as their own so that I can have a good and positive future like all other people, then why did everybody always called me: Albinos, white girl, white hunky, yellow gal, white B, dancing eyes, and yellow B, and while I was at Diane’s home August 2002, the mother she told me she wanted to show me pictures to show me how I got all messed up, I don’t know her people, I never met her folks, because the pictures of Carmella relatives, she said they are white people but their photos were taken in the 1800s and I was not around in the 1800s, I am a baby boomer, I was born in the 1950s, but why did everybody target me and my children for decades, my children and I are 2 generations of family people. but no one will not tell me the truth because they got far too much bias hatred against, they got something against me because of my color and I do look different from the rest of the family people, that don’t make no kind of sense at all, then she tells me when she told her friend about this, she told me her friend told her that her husband Nelson could have left you, she did tell me that statement out of her own mouth without me asking her that, she volunteered, and told me that statement, it was her own words. — feeling sad.

All The Horrific Hell They Put Me Through Was A Bias Hate Crime, I Did Not Provoke That ON Myself

myself Charlene and sons  Alexander & Vincent 001 - CopyIn The USA We Don't Go Around Picking On People Because They Have Albinism
I really do wonder what make grown adult who do not like a certain baby, and other children they really don't like and really do hate. What is it about the child that tick them off? Why do they take the child home in the first place and do horrible hateful cowardly acts to innocent children behind their back for several years that turn into now decades later? And they attack their children too, because that kind of S*** DON'T SUDDENLY STOP AND IT IS NOT HOW LONG AGO IT WAS, BECAUSE THE STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS ONLY PROTECT THE PERPRETRATOR, NOT THE VICTIMS. The abuses that happened to me and my kids, it is certainly not a random act and it is certainly not no coincident! No it is not like that. We don't go around in this United States of America and pick on people because they have ALBINISM THAT IS PURELY IGNORANT AND DOWN RIGHT CRIMINAL, ANYBODY DO THAT IS A RACIST, IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT GROUP YOU ARE IN.
The worst night mares that I had in my life was being sabotaged by family members starting from the parents who denied me since the day I was born and I gotten hurt by a number of surprised, extreme hatred and too much fright and the villainous and bias hate crimes that was done to me for several years to the point to where the so called mother and father deliberately brain washed me and they both misled me from the very start and the mother, they pulled me out of school from my kindergarten class and I was shift off and I found myself on my need all bend over while a male was on me behind me and that was very inappropriate touching and that happened in the grandmother’s home and this happened when I was taken out of my kindergarten class room and I never got to complete kindergarten at all. and I was kept out of school until I returned back to school at age 7.5 years old and I had to start all over again and I was nearly 3 years behind in grade school and I got picked on and bullied in grade school and high school they set me up for nothing I did not even do to none of them people at all. I was taken to where people did drink and gotten drunk and leaving kids behind that was very wrong and very dangerous because I was taken to where I was used by the adults all my whole entire life and they made me a family,and a people scapegoat too. They controlled my life, and they RESTRICTED MY PERSONAL FREEDOM AND THE FAMILY PEOPLE DID FOLLOW ME EVERYWHERE I MOVED TO RIGHT BEHIND MY BACK FOR SEVERAL YEARS AND NOW TO THE PRESENT DECADES AND YES I’M TALKING THIS YEAR 2013 AND I DON’T HAVE ANY MONEY TO RETIRE ON. I was hurt by the offense and several life threatening situations and the gossip and the ambush, and entrapment that was not nice the way they treated me like an outcast and an outsider. ALL THE PEOPLE IN THIS FAMILY DO NOT LIKE PEOPLE WITH ALBINISM. THE PEOPLE IN THIS DAMN FAMILY DO GOT SOMETHING AGAINST PEOPLE WITH ALBINISM, PLEASE PEOPLE DO BE AWARE OF THIS, THAT IS VERY DANGEROUS AND IT IS VERY CRIMINAL AND VERY WRONG TO TREAT ANY PEOPLE LIKE THAT.
In Milwaukee WI
Spring 1994 I was in a first time home buyers program and October 31-1994 I closed on a home located at 2144 N 40th street Milwaukee WI 53208, January 1995 my garage was marked up and June it was broken into June 1995 and July 28-1995 the garage was sat on fire I called 911 and November 8-1995 a car was set on fire by the garage, made it on fire again and SOME BODY SAT A BOMB ON MY CAR GARAGE. January 19-1996, the day before Clara’s birthday A BOMB WAS REMOVED FROM MY ROOF AND EVERY BODY HAD TO EVACUATE FROM THE AREA I did mind my own business there too and I did not bother anyone there. I taken out a 30 year mortgage on this home I lived there only just ! year and 10 months and I couldn’t take the abusive stress anymore and my family is disabled and they don’t need any of that kind of abuse.

I got taken to the wrong kind of family I did not pick this family to be taken to, I did not have no kind of power and control over that, I was born innocent like all the other babies, they treated me very different, they did man handle me and my kids, they lynched mob, and they gang buster me and my kids because my children and I are not wanted in the family, I did not tell the so called parents to take me to their family, I really do feel they should have left me, and let someone else raise me, I did not deserve no unprovoked bias crimes done to me and my kids, I do really wish things were far different, and I do really need a complete new change and a new make over in life, because life is much too short for all the horrific hell that I and my children been really been put through, anyone who do not believe me, then maybe it did not happen to them, CHILD ABUSE DO HAPPEN TO INNOCET CHILDREN.

I was only 14 years of age.
My nerves were so bad that the teacher did
notice this and that teacher wanted to call the parents home to
talk to them about me having nervousness, the teacher said I
have the nerves, they say me trimbling in front of the class
when I reading in class.
I bagged the teacher not to call the house,
because I did not want to get in trouble with the parents,
the situation was already bad enought, I was scared.