In The USA We Don’t Go Around Picking On People Because They Have Albinism

Imagemyself Charlene and sons  Alexander & Vincent 001 - CopyI really do wonder what make grown adult who do not like a certain baby, and other children they really don’t like and really do hate. What is it about the child that tick them off? Why do they take the child home in the first place and do horrible hateful cowardly acts to innocent children behind their back for several years that turn into now decades later? And they attack their children too, because that kind of S*** DON’T SUDDENLY STOP AND IT IS NOT HOW LONG AGO IT WAS, BECAUSE THE STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS ONLY PROTECT THE PERPRETRATOR, NOT THE VICTIMS. The abuses that happened to me and my kids, it is certainly not a random act and it is certainly not no coincident! No it is not like that. We don’t go around in this United States of America and pick on people because they have ALBINISM THAT IS PURELY IGNORANT AND DOWN RIGHT CRIMINAL, ANYBODY DO THAT IS A RACIST, IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT GROUP YOU ARE IN IT IS WRONG.



ImageAfter severals years of abuse you can’t get over that, THE PEOPLE IN THIS FAMILY DO GOT SOMETHING AGAINST PEOPLE WITH ALBINISM I KNOW BECAUSE THE FAMILY PEOPLE REALLY DO GOT A SERIOUS PERSONAL VENDETTA AGAINST ME. THEY DEHUMANIZED ME, THEY USED ME AND THEY DELIBERATELY STOOD IN MY WAY THEY WOULD NOT LET ME LIVE MY LIFE THE WAY I WANTED TO, THEY BLOCKED ME FROM WORKING A DECENT PAID CAREER WITH A WELL PAID SALARY, ALL THIS BECAUSE I WAS AN UNWANTED ALBINO BABY GIRL AND WAS TAKEN TO THE WRONG DAMN FAMILY. It is not my fault I was taken home where I was not welcomed the entire family did not even accept me from the beginning that is where all my troubles began at.and I was at their mercy and the people on the mother side they never took the time with me. The people on the step father side side of the family they never too the time with me either, I don’t even have not one single cousin communicating with me not at all and the whole family is like this with me I am not lying about that I don’t think I am a child. I am a grown women with a mother who always did treat me like a child and she still treat me like a child and there was nothing wrong with me but she told me she wanted to tell me how I got all messed up and it was about some white people she had in her family and I don’t know them at all and then I was told to dye my hair black and I was forced to dye my hair brown for several years and wear brown wigs until I stopped doing that and I should not have had to dye my blonde hair an not wear no wigs, I got a right to wear my hair blond that is my true hair color and I was called derogatory names Albino and some of those people on the mother side of the family said they don’t have no ALBINISM IN THEIR FAMILY I WAS TOLD THAT I AM NOT LYING AT ALL. I AM TELLING THE TRUTH AND NO I CAN NOT GET OVER IT AFTER BEING ABUSED FOR NOTHING I DID TO THEM PEOPLE FOR FAR TOO LONG and for decades and for that LENGTH OF TIME DON’T MAKE NO KIND OF SENSE AT ALL.
What am I supposed to do just put up and shut up for unprovoked vigilante bias crimes done to me for nothing and the did man handle my children too, they nearly killed one of my children and I had to flee far too many addresses amd I didn’t bother nobody and I did mind my very own business. and I made the big mistake of telling the mother I was may relocate she did tell me if I move somewhere else.I will just get the same thing and I might as well stay here in Chicago IL
The people won’t let me alone and I am not even bothering them at all. they did destroy I always had trouble getting paid jobs they always stood in my way and when I wanted to work when I was a teenager the mother did not back me up at all.I got excuses instead, I got stuck with babysitting and house work. this went on against me for decades and now I am the only person in the family with out any income but everybody got income. no I can not just get over it because was very criminal from the beginning. it is wrong and where I’m at I can’t get a medicaid card and I don’t have any income I am telling the truth.

Why Did The Family People Expose Me To Dangers

Why and how come several family people go behind my back and tell everybody who I did not know and people I didn’t communicate with my name is Charlene; how did people I did not know knew my name is Charlene Why would they tell people my name is Charlene. I didn’t know their names. These are people who were a stranger to me. I didn’t even know their name at all. No, I didn’t, I was attacked by several people I didn’t know and I didn’t do anything to them people at all. I was not the type a person who would communicate with anybody. I was not like that at all and I am still not like that. I was much too shame of myself. I was shamed and I was silenced for decades and I was much too shy especially when I was much younger but the people took me home just to use me and retaliate against me. All I got was nothing but pure rejection, denial, and venomous hatred by the family. I didn’t know nothing about love because they did not have no love for me at all.