I Am At A Lost Serious Disadvantage.

myself Charlene and sons  Alexander & Vincent 001 - CopyWhat to do when people put the problems on you like the family people did put against me how do you get them people off you, and how do you get all them people out of your business when they do get your business that did happen to me that is not funny. that really did put me at a serious disadvantage.



myself Charlene and sons  Alexander & Vincent 001 - CopyHOW DO YOU BLAME A SMALL CHILD FOR ADULT RESPONSIBILITIES? I was an innocent baby girl who should not have been taken out of school and taken to an unhealthy environment where people get drunk all the time and fight and innocent babies get hurt for nothing because of grown post war people and the people are always full of excuses. Patricia Metcalf Barber never did act a sister no way instead she always acted like a sibling rivalry, SHE ALWAYS HATED MY GUTS and she really do not give a damn what happens to me because she always had opposition towards since childhood she never did change her attitude and her ways toward all them people do is be really very dirty and sneaky behind my back and I know the family people never did like at all. I WILL NEVER LIVE IN MILWAUKEE WISCONSIN NEVER AGAIN NOT ANYWHERE IN WISCONSIN BECAUSE I DON’T WANT NO MORE PROBLEMS FROM THEM PEOPLE UP THERE. there are several tickets and citations I did not put on the 1985 Tan Chev Van because I never did drive the van all the family people did was just took me home just to use me and endanger me and endanger my children the family people cheated me out of my whole life and they all tried to take my children away from me and that is ALL VERY HATEFUL AND ALL VERY CRIMINAL FOR THEM TO ALL TREAT ME AND TREAT MY CHILDREN LIKE PURE TRASH.


family photos 001ImageMy whole life was and still is nothing but pure hell, and something is seriously wrong somewhere, my father is a white man, who I do not really know then why the hell did the people pick on me my whole entire life, they did attack me for several years for nothing I was not at fault for nothing I did not even do, then why did all those family people who took me to their family did not leave me behind and not leave me alone and not let someone else raise me as their own so that I can have a good and positive future like all other people, then why did everybody always called me: Albinos, white girl, white hunky, yellow gal, white B, dancing eyes, and yellow B, and while I was at Diane’s home August 2002, the mother she told me she wanted to show me pictures to show me how I got all messed up, I don’t know her people, I never met her folks, because the pictures of Carmella relatives, she said they are white people but their photos were taken in the 1800s and I was not around in the 1800s, I am a baby boomer, I was born in the 1950s, but why did everybody target me and my children for decades, my children and I are 2 generations of family people. but no one will not tell me the truth because they got far too much bias hatred against, they got something against me because of my color and I do look different from the rest of the family people, that don’t make no kind of sense at all, then she tells me when she told her friend about this, she told me her friend told her that her husband Nelson could have left you, she did tell me that statement out of her own mouth without me asking her that, she volunteered, and told me that statement, it was her own words. — feeling sad.

The People Man Handled My Son Criminally

myself Charlene and sons  Alexander & Vincent 001 - CopyWhen my son Alexander was laid up in the hospital nearly dead because of all the criminal acts the family people done to him, the people probed instrument into his bowels while he was in the hospital, My Son Alexander is not no damn animal he is a person he got feelings too like everybody else got, Alexander is not no object, while he was in Warren Park Nursing Home, he mysteriously gotten away from that nursing home, when he was at a hospital he was put on life support, He was not eating because he could not eat, his jaws and teeth were clenched, his eye was rolled back in his head, he could not talk, and he could not even walk, he was put on a life support system, my son was put in diapers just like a baby call me a liar if you want too, DON’T CALL ME CRAZY.


My Old Housemyself Charlene and sons  Alexander & Vincent 001 - CopyIn Milwaukee WI
Spring 1994 I was in a first time home buyers program and October 31-1994 I closed on a home located at 2144 N 40th street Milwaukee WI 53208, January 1995 my garage was marked up and June it was broken into June 1995 and July 28-1995 the garage was sat on fire I called 911 and November 8-1995 a car was set on fire by the garage, made it on fire again and SOME BODY SAT A BOMB ON MY CAR GARAGE. January 19-1996, the day before Clara’s birthday A BOMB WAS REMOVED FROM MY ROOF AND EVERY BODY HAD TO EVACUATE FROM THE AREA I did mind my own business there too and I did not bother anyone there. I taken out a 30 year mortgage on this home I lived there only just ! year and 10 months and I couldn’t take the abusive stress anymore and my family is disabled and they don’t need any of that kind of abuse.


ImageAfter severals years of abuse you can’t get over that, THE PEOPLE IN THIS FAMILY DO GOT SOMETHING AGAINST PEOPLE WITH ALBINISM I KNOW BECAUSE THE FAMILY PEOPLE REALLY DO GOT A SERIOUS PERSONAL VENDETTA AGAINST ME. THEY DEHUMANIZED ME, THEY USED ME AND THEY DELIBERATELY STOOD IN MY WAY THEY WOULD NOT LET ME LIVE MY LIFE THE WAY I WANTED TO, THEY BLOCKED ME FROM WORKING A DECENT PAID CAREER WITH A WELL PAID SALARY, ALL THIS BECAUSE I WAS AN UNWANTED ALBINO BABY GIRL AND WAS TAKEN TO THE WRONG DAMN FAMILY. It is not my fault I was taken home where I was not welcomed the entire family did not even accept me from the beginning that is where all my troubles began at.and I was at their mercy and the people on the mother side they never took the time with me. The people on the step father side side of the family they never too the time with me either, I don’t even have not one single cousin communicating with me not at all and the whole family is like this with me I am not lying about that I don’t think I am a child. I am a grown women with a mother who always did treat me like a child and she still treat me like a child and there was nothing wrong with me but she told me she wanted to tell me how I got all messed up and it was about some white people she had in her family and I don’t know them at all and then I was told to dye my hair black and I was forced to dye my hair brown for several years and wear brown wigs until I stopped doing that and I should not have had to dye my blonde hair an not wear no wigs, I got a right to wear my hair blond that is my true hair color and I was called derogatory names Albino and some of those people on the mother side of the family said they don’t have no ALBINISM IN THEIR FAMILY I WAS TOLD THAT I AM NOT LYING AT ALL. I AM TELLING THE TRUTH AND NO I CAN NOT GET OVER IT AFTER BEING ABUSED FOR NOTHING I DID TO THEM PEOPLE FOR FAR TOO LONG and for decades and for that LENGTH OF TIME DON’T MAKE NO KIND OF SENSE AT ALL.
What am I supposed to do just put up and shut up for unprovoked vigilante bias crimes done to me for nothing and the did man handle my children too, they nearly killed one of my children and I had to flee far too many addresses amd I didn’t bother nobody and I did mind my very own business. and I made the big mistake of telling the mother I was may relocate she did tell me if I move somewhere else.I will just get the same thing and I might as well stay here in Chicago IL
The people won’t let me alone and I am not even bothering them at all. they did destroy I always had trouble getting paid jobs they always stood in my way and when I wanted to work when I was a teenager the mother did not back me up at all.I got excuses instead, I got stuck with babysitting and house work. this went on against me for decades and now I am the only person in the family with out any income but everybody got income. no I can not just get over it because was very criminal from the beginning. it is wrong and where I’m at I can’t get a medicaid card and I don’t have any income I am telling the truth.

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