myself Charlene and sons  Alexander & Vincent 001 - CopyThe so-called family people been watching me for several decades, they took criminal advantages of me when I was working at the this job in 1979 Diane Barber Ross did ask me to let her file my income tax for me and I did give her my social security number because I though I could trust he and she did file that for me I am tellng the truth I did not forget that and only a few years later for some strange reason some black females co-workers suddenly wanted to pick a fight with me and to kick my ass I heard that and some were harassing me on this job this happened in 1981 and this job did require a social security number and also this happened on a few other jobs too, look at what did happen when I was at a little job in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the Industries somebody started harassing me there on that paid job because that job required a social security number as well, and Diane Barber Ross used to ask me to babysit her children and I did babysit for her and the pay was not much and when the so-called parents put me out of the home and out of doors I was forced to live with Carmella E Barber’s mother Carmella McCoy and when I was over there on the North side of Chicago Diane used to call me to babysit for her and her husband and they came to pick me up I did not hurt Diane’s kids and I did keep her children safe but there were South side people who could have watch her girls and Diane stayed over her mother and father up stairs and why she did not let Patricia keep her children? so this family always took criminal advantages of me because I was not nothing to them so-called family people at all, and several years later Tammy Ross Whitterspoon made like she was going to help me to obtain a good paid job and she also did tell me that she will look at my resume but she lied to me when she told me to send her a copy of my RESUME AND I DID SENT TAMMY A COPY OF IT SHE NEVER DID GET BACK TO ME. THESE PEOPLE IN THIS FAMILY DON’T WANT ME TO HAVE MY OWN PERSONAL MONEY THE SO-CALLED RACIST BLACK SO-CALLED FAMILY HAVE BEEN BLOCKING ME FOR DECADES BECAUSE I WAS AN UNWANTED CHILD WITH ALBINISM MAYBE THEY ARE NOT MY BIOLOGICAL FAMILY PEOPLE THEY NEVER DID TREAT ME LIKE THAT. SOME OF THE PEOPLE IN Carmella E Barber and Nelson R Barber did tell me they do not have people in the family with Albinism the people should not have taken me to their family the people should have let me alone and left me and I really do wish they did that.
Carmella E Barber did tell me if I move and relocate to another city and another state she did tell me that I will get the same thing in another city and another state so I might as well stay right here in Chicago, Illinois she still never did tell me why she got a personal vendetta against me. she is very wrong, the whole family is very wrong the so-called parents are wrong for taking me to this family the do got something against me with Albinism they slandered me and they people should have let me alone the way they were supposed to leave me the hell alone.
What am I supposed to do just put up and shut up for unprovoked vigilante bias crimes done to me for nothing and the did man handle my children too, they nearly killed one of my children and I had to flee far too many addresses amd I didn’t bother nobody and I did mind my very own business. and I made the big mistake of telling the mother I was may relocate she did tell me if I move somewhere else.I will just get the same thing and I might as well stay here in Chicago IL
The people won’t let me alone and I am not even bothering them at all. they did destroy I always had trouble getting paid jobs they always stood in my way and when I wanted to work when I was a teenager the mother did not back me up at all.I got excuses instead, I got stuck with babysitting and house work. this went on against me for decades and now I am the only person in the family with out any income but everybody got income. no I can not just get over it because was very criminal from the beginning. it is wrong and where I’m at I can’t get a medicaid card and I don’t have any income I am telling the truth.