ImageChild Abuse Child Endangerment I will not forget when the so-called mother step people Ralph James in laws Willie Morgan wanted me to let them take my son Alexander to a hotel when he turn 18 years old and I did not go along with that because that was a set up they are the people who did tell me I can wait in the front while Alexander is in a hotel room no I did not go along with that because Carmella E Barber step people were going to kill my son Alexander in that hotel room and dispose of my son and the so-called mother did tell me her sister Clara Pumphrey Noonie she always wanted to isolate me off somewhere she used me too and she did show me a gun while I was in her house in late July 1976 that is the same year I graduated from Calumet High School but Carmella Barber sister never had nothing to do with she waited util I graduated in 1976 and suddenly she and her sister who did drag me in this so-called racist black family they both got together just to put me right in the path of Clara Pumphrey Noonie who was in a mental institution and she did pick a nasty dangerous fight for nothing, I did not do nothing to Clara Pumphrey then I had left her house it was really late and it was poring down rain and her son Edward Pumphrey came out his bed room to get me to his bed room to get me out of harms way because his mother Clara did pick and start a dangerous fight with me and she did try to slap me in my face fornothing I did not do to her that was very dangerous and Noonie is a dangerous racist she don’t like Albino either I know because I have Albinism and this family is down right viciously angry at me I know that they are. Three years later in February 1979 It was told Edward Pumphrey comitted suicide with a hand gun.My grandmother did tell me that Clara used to one of the James brothers and Clara was married to a man named Willie and someone cut his throat in a hotel room and he was killed in a hotel room and when Clara tried to collect the social security benefits they did not give her the benefits because Willie was a married man he was already married to another women he committed bigamy this is what my grandmother Carmella Pumphrey McCoy did tell me when I was living in her home after the so-called parents put me out of the home on the streets of Chicago, Illinois they evicted me because they did not want AN ALBINO CHILD IN THEIR HOME. THEY WERE VERY MEAN, EVIL AND VERY HOSTILLY CRUEL TO ME AND THEY ALL DO TREAT BOTH MY SONS Alexander and Vincent the same they always been very down right narcissistically, hostile and cowardly criminal with me and my kids.

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