Child Abuse That Never Did Stop At All

ImageWhen I said HELP! I AM AN UNWANTED CHILD WITH ALBINISM I TOLD THE TRUTH I AM NOT LYING ABOUT THIS, EVERYBODY ELSE IN THIS SO-CALLED FAMILY NEVER HAD NO KIND OF TROUBLE GETTING THEIR INCOME, when Tyrone Barber applied for SSI he got his stipend letter and his back pay and he worked for several years and I DO NOT NEED NO SO-CALLED GUAARDIAN I AM NOT RETARDED AND I AM NOT LACKING IN INTELLIGANCE, I DID GET TAKEN TO THE WRONG SO-CALLED FAMILY, THEN WHY DO PEOPLE GIVE ME A REALLY HARD TIME GETTING HELP WITH MY OWN PERSONAL INCOME? I am severely disabled and why I can not get a stipend letter and my back pay I am disabled that is not fair to me, everybody else do get their stipend letter and they do get their back paid, why do I get treated different I am just asking, I got a right to ask nobody want to help people don’t listen to me here at all, and I DO NOT HAVE NO DELUSIONAL DISORDER, WHY DO EVERYBODY GET THEIRS.
OCTOBER 10-2013
I really don’t understand this so-called family black people who dragged me in this family I don’t like the way they treated me, I have Albinism an inherited genetic condition by birth, after several years of being horrendously tortured by several so-called family members and the unjustified abuses and hatred against me, they are very superstitious black family who do got something against me who have Albinism, after several years unfair and unprovoked abuses and they called me all kinds of racist derogatory names and they did all kinds of criminal horrific things to me and they broke my heart some doctors got in my face and told me that I HAD A HEART ATTACK AND I DID NOT DESERVE NOT ONE DAMN CRIMINAL INCIDENT AND THEY USED ME FOR THEIR OWN PERSONAL GAIN, AND SOME OF THE PEOPLE ON THE SO-CALLED MOTHER CARMELLA E BARBER SIDE SOME OF HER PEOPLE TOLD ME THEY DON’T HAVE PEOPLE IN THEIR FAMILY WITH ALBINISM AND THAT IT JUST HAPPENS THAT IS A LIE, ALBINISM IS INHERITED BY BIRTH, I DON’T APPRECIATE THE CRIMINAL PUNISHMENT THIS SO-CALLED DONE TO ME AND MY CHILDREN, THEY DID MAKE ME AND MY CHILDREN’S LIFE A PURE LIVING HELL. I AM NOT A WITCH DON’T CALL ME NO DAMN WITCH AND MY CHILDREN MY SONS ARE NOT NO WARLOCK DON’T CALL MY TWO SONS NO GOT DAMN WARLOCK THAT IS REALLY CRIMINAL THEY ARE NOT BETTER THAN ME AND THEY ARE NOT BETTER THAN MY TWO SONS WHO ARE THEM PEOPLE TO JUDGE ME AND WHO ARE THOSE PEOPLE TO JUDGE MY TWO SONS, WE ARE BETTER THAN THEY ARE. WE ARE NOT WITCHES, WARLOCKS AND CRIMINALS AND WE DON’T STEAL FROM OTHER PEOPLE.
myself Charlene and sons  Alexander & Vincent 001 - Copy


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