Child Abuse, Why did they take me home just to punish me and use me?

myself Charlene and sons  Alexander & Vincent 001 - CopyImageI did not start no trouble with this family but Carmella Elizabeth Pumphrey Barber and Nelson Reed Barber did take me home when they both knew they did not want me for their daughter and they did not have no damn right to take me to their family to jump all over me to destroy me for nothing and for things that they were and still responsible for and they whole entire family has always been picking on me starting with Carmella E Barber who really hated me from the very beginning of my life, and she did continue to pick on me in my adult hood, even after I had my 2 sons Alexander and Vincent and when I had my 2 sons I gave birth to the so-called family people went behind my back when each son I had they had some medical people fucking around with my babies brain and to cripple them at birth and they did get in my face after I gave birth to both my son the doctors and helpers did keep asking me ARE YOU GOING TO BE BACK AND I MADE A MISTAKE OF TELLING THE STAFF PEOPLE YES AND THAT WAS A CRIMINAL INVASION OF MY PERSON PRIVACY AND WHEN I HAD MY SECOND SON THERE, THEY USED SOMETHING ON HIM TOO AND THERE WERE MANY PROBLEMS AFTER THAT, BUT SOMEBODY I KNOW DID WORK THERE AT THAT PARTICULAR HOSPITAL AND WHAT HAPPENED
So otherwise the so-called family cowards are saying something is very wrong with me because I am an ALBINO THAT THE BARBER FAMILY AND PUMPHREY DID NOT WANT IN THEIR FAMILY THAT IS WHY I WAS NOT SAFE IN THIS FAMILY AND I COULD NOT MAKE IT IN THIS FAMILY AND Diane Barber Ross did tell me several times before that when ever I started to cry like all other babies her mother Carmella E Barber didn’t want to be bothered with me and she always used to put me off on her Diane did tell me that there was a hidden message in that statement, and she did tell me that she use to had to rock me to sleep, I still remember some of that and I was very afraid back then but I did not know what was about to happen to me because I was only a baby girl much too small to know any better, children can sense trouble, but they don’t know how to handle it, babies do not think like the adults.


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