Child Abused I Am An Unwanted Child Family Removed Themselves From Me

myself Charlene and sons  Alexander & Vincent 001 - CopyImage
Yes the abuses is still going on behind my back because the so-called mother do got a real serious personal vendetta against me from she did tell me in the 1950′s their former life insurance sales man used to come to their home to collect the life insurance policy premiums in that time of year, she told me he was a white man and when I was born her black husband, his mother who is her mother in law thought I was not her son’s baby she thought I was the white man’s baby, the so-called mother did tell me that her mother in law tried to have her killed because of me and I asked her who her mother in law was going to get to kill her she told me that her mother in law was going to have her son kill her, and today in 2013 this women who did take me to this family she did always blame me for the things she and her husband was really responsible for the so-called mother she sacrificed me and she did use me for a dehumanizing scapegoat. and some of her people did tell me that her black husband denied me from birth and some siblings did tell me that the man did deny me from the start and he turned his back on me and the whole entire family did turn all against me. Some one should have been protecting me several years ago while I was a small child trying to grow up, My life with this family was not in good hands. This family was not even safe for me to be taken to from the start and my children my 2 sons were not even safe with this family either and I are 2 generations of people.


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