This Family People Do Got Something Against Me With Albinism

Imagemyself Charlene and sons  Alexander & Vincent 001 - CopyLook what happened to me I got taken home by people who got something against people with albinism I know because I have albinism, the albinism that we have is an inherit genetic condition by birth. Some of those family people told me that albinism just happen that is a lie, because it don’t happen that way. All the years I was in this family the people never did treat me like I am a family no they do not, I have a real serious problem with that because of all the horrible abuses the people did put me through for several years and for that length of time and nobody never did tell me why and I never did fit in their family and I had to leave them people alone for my safety. The people don’t like me they never did like me no they did not. They don’t treat me like I am a biological family member the people dehumanized me decades ago and they hate both my children they do not like my kids, they always gossiped about me and my kids.


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