myself Charlene and sons  Alexander & Vincent 001 - CopySomebody should have been helping me with this family while I was a young girl growing up the grown adults who all did know better robbed me of my childhood, and I always needed a different kind of family that was caring and reliable and someone who may have treated me as one of their own, because I really needed love and respect as a person too and I did not get any of that from them people, because they never wanted me from the start. Someone should have been giving me guidance of how to report child abuse incidents that happened to me in the home, the siblings did do criminal things against me right behind my back that is why nobody did not tell me anything at all. and the Illinois State Department Of Children And Family Services should have been contacted on the Barbers and Pumphrey Family because the family people did dehumanized me because I have Albinism, they did treat me like they own me like I am their property and the family people do not want me to work a good decent paid administrative office career, that s why I don’t have nothing to ever retire on I am at a lost. they all blocked me from completing career job training for this type of work, and I did not fail my own self, they people who took me home they failed me, I am not lying, and for some strange reason while I only worked only a short one day job to only a few day, the people let me go and without telling me why, I always had trouble with getting hired by companies because several racist black family people used me and they blocked me from working a decent and every time I tried job training in a new career the family people always went behind my back and do something else to sabotage me again the impersonator do it to me again on purpose and they did always kept me out of the front office and they did keep me out of the Medical Front Office Administrative Office Career the family people they don’t me working in the medical office, they don’t want me working in no kind of Administrative Offices no they don’t and they did threatened my personal safety again and in 2002 when I was in Clerical Office Training, the child protection people came to my door while I was living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, so I did finish but I did not work an office career.


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