Imagemyself Charlene and sons  Alexander & Vincent 001 - CopyMY WHOLE LIFE WAS WRONG FROM THE START
I never lived a normal life but the family people been telling everybody that I was not a normal person, and the family people gossiped about me being an Albino in the family I spent several years being deliberately picked on and target by inside family people and some outsiders who been helping them don’t nobody call me crazy that is PURE B.S, Now look at all of the things I have suffered it was pure criminal and it was pure hell and it was really down right horrible from the beginning, and since I wasn’t wanted life was never the same with me as a result of several years of unprovoked bias hate crimes. I was really morbidly hurt by several family people who impersonated me and they walked all over me from the start. and someone in this family did tell me that there is someone who is a wanna be is a want to be and that is extremely dangerous for somebody to do me and my children like that, and I have been having real serious problems for people who alway picked on me and they did make fun of me too and all those family people did pick on both my 2 sons and they did make fun of my 2 sons personally because they really got a serious and an unexplained personal vendetta against me from the start and they never did tell me why and I don’t know Jack S*** how am I suppose to know when family people refuses to tell me why that is very wrong from the start. Because the family do got something against ALBINISM AND I HAVE ALBINISM, AND I’M NOT LISTED WITH THIS FAMILY AS A FAMILY MEMBER NO I AM NOT LYING ABOUT THIS. THE FAMILY PEOPLE MADE ME INVISIBLE AND THEY DID MAKE BOTH MY CHILDREN INVISIBLE TOO. MY CHILDREN AND I DO NOT HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON WITH THOSE FAMILY PEOPLE AT ALL, THEN THE SO-CALLED FAMILY PEOPLE SPENT MANY YEARS OF MY ENTIRE LIFE BRAINWASHING ME, I WAS INNOCENT WHILE I WAS GROWING UP AS A CHILD TOO. AND I GOT HURT BY THEM CAGING ME LIKE A CAGED ANIMAL, I WAS LOCKED DOWN AND BARROWED BY THE SO-CALL FAMILY PEOPLE THAT WAS REALLY HORRIABLE ALL OF THIS BEICAUSE I AM AN UNWANTED CHILD WITH ALBINISM AND THEY NEVER CHANGED THEIR BEHAVIOR AND THEIR BAD ATTITUDE TOWARDS ME NO THAY DID NOT CHANGE THEIR ATTITUDE TOWARDS ME AND MY KIDS EITHER THEY REALLY HATE US. THINGS HAVE GOTTEN FAR MORE WORSER AGAINST ME AND MY KIDS, AND THE FAMILY PEOPLE IS THE CAUSE OF ME GOING COMPLETELY DOWN HILL. AND I DON’T HAVE NOTHING TO RETIRE ON NOT AT ALL EVEYBODY EXCEPT ME AND MY CHILDREN. THIS WAS NOT THE RIGHT FAMILY PEOPLE FOR ME AND NOT FOR MY CHILDREN IT WAS NOT. IT WAS VERY UGLY, CRIMINAL AND IT WAS DOWN RIGHT SABOTAGE. The family people treated me like a slave and they never allowed me to work and get paid for it, they would not let me live and grow and when Carmella Barber’s husband Nelson Barber died in Feb 2008, Carmella did tell me he said when she sell the house to give me so much off the house Carmella is not going to give me nothing off that house, she and Patricia Metcalf Barber can keep that money I don’t want nothing off that house because the family people did was do all kinds of horrific criminal things to me and they did treat me like an outcast and an outsider and they did treat me like another women’s child instead of their own child. Her mother did tell me that Patricia will move to California State soon to live with her son she did tell me that.


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