ImageImageSeveral years ago Carmella E Barber and Nelson R Barber did not want me for their child and Patricia Metcalf Barber, Clara N Pumphrey and others Sherman Pumphrey all are planning to kill me and my kids this is not my biological family no they are not, this family is still trying to take my kids away from me want to use me and to just get rid of me and my kids they took me home to torture me, make my life completely miserable and to get me to have kids and to see what my kids will turn out to look like, Carmella gave me brown hair wigs again in 2010 , she stopped talking to me in 2010. they only had used me for a scapegoat and they dragged me through the whole entire family.
some people in the family did tell me
Patricia Metcalf Barber is more sneakier than all of the
Barber kids, she is the sibling who really hates me. Will you all the Black family people leave me the hell alone and all you Black family people leave my Son Alexander the hell alone stop targeting him and leave my son Vincent the hell alone it is the family I am not dumb and I am not stupid to take me to this family just to use me and my kids like this is pure criminal you all are wrong for doing me like that I will not trust you all no damn more.
A women taken me to her family to destroy me for nothing and to smirch me and my reputation was very criminal and she was very wrong for jumping on me for nothing I did not have no fucking control of, I did not deserve no got damn unprovoked criminal abuse, because I am an unwanted ALBINO BABY GIRL AND I AM NOW AN ADULT GROWN WOMEN, AND THE ABUSES CONTINUED AGAINST ME AND NOBODY TOLD ME WHY, AND WILL NOT BOTHER TO TELL ME WHY AND WHAT I DID WRONG WAS IT BECAUSE I WAS BORN AN INNOCENT BABY, I WAS BORN AN INNOCENT. IF I WAS NOT BORN INNOCENT THEN WHY NOT AND WHAT FOR?


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