myself Charlene and sons  Alexander & Vincent 001 - Copy Secret it means to keep private, and unexplained without public notice, for example it is a hush-hush, don’t tell her or him and do not ever mention this to her or him at all and to isolate the victim and to keep secluded from everyone else and to remain behind closed doors, and to avoid talking to the victim, or explaining to the victim why the family behave the way the do to the victim, and to avoid discussing anything with the victim, the women who taken me home, she did deliberately isolated me from everyone else, I was teased and picked on by both the parents who had taken me home to the family, no human cannot handle wrong doing.
Life for me was very undesirable because the people who took me home where I didn’t belong, and things that has been unexplained, has happened to me repeatedly and for several years of criminal and violent abuses that I have really been put through was not no coincident, I have been suffering violent criminal abuses and all kinds of bias crimes done against me all because I am an unwanted child who have albinism and the whole entire family do have something against me and I have suffered for more than 50 years of family criminal abuses due to no fault of my own, and I gotten seriously hurt by the family secret and the statute of limitations as a result for being unwanted by this family of people who have taken me to the family, although I like all other children who did not ask to be born and I did not have any control over the matter or situation. The people on Carmella side of the family, they never took the time with me, and the people on Nelson side of the family, they never took the time with me either, and they both were very wrong for doing me like that, they are responsible for this, yes even today, and I have regreted most of my whole entire life really regretting that I was taken by the family people into this family where I was always unwanted by the family, and the set up from the start, although I was not to blame for the outcome of how I was treated by the family people I suffered several years of bias hate crimes, no love and caring support from the family members, they never had no kind of reguard for me at all, the family always had several ways of foughting for damn near everything known to man, and because the family do have a serious personal vendetta against me and Carmella was the beginner she is the one who took me home when she should have left me behind, and it is possible Nelson Reed Barber did not want her to take me home, she did any way and that kind of situation did cause a whole world of serious trouble with the people for nothing I did not even do to the people at all and I was born an innocent baby girl too and I did not have no control over me having albinism. My life was horrificly waisted this way, the grandparents on both sides of the family did neny me, the people on Carmell Barber side of the family they are the main ones who got something against people with albinism and according to Carmella, her siblings, her side of the family said their people do not have people with albinism in their family and one of her people, a male did tell me that albinism just happen, no it do not just happen, it is not just suddenly, it don’t just happen that way, accoding to medical experts and professional Albinism is an inherited genetic condition, and albinism is not a disease and that dose not give anyone no excuse to harm people who have a genetic condition like this, I am still a person and I want to be treated like a person because I am a person and I got feelings too just like the rest of you people, and my children are people too, they have feelings have feelings like everyone else do, my children and I deserve respect, and my children and I do not deserve no kind of criminal abuses by several and not kind of criminal hatred, especially without it being provoked and it was unprovoked from the very beginning of my life, I didn’t even know I was even in the world yet and that is where all the personal vendetta got started with the parents and I don’t have the answers to the problems I did not start in the beginning, I am not to blame for that either, I should not have been attacked by no kind of criminal bias hatred, I was only an innocent little girl, just like all the other little girl, and I was not deserving of no kind of hatred and abuses from the family, and nobody tell me why. because they didn’t want to tell me why, I gotten injured by this whole entire family people and they always hid behind it.


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