family photos 001ImageMy whole life was and still is nothing but pure hell, and something is seriously wrong somewhere, my father is a white man, who I do not really know then why the hell did the people pick on me my whole entire life, they did attack me for several years for nothing I was not at fault for nothing I did not even do, then why did all those family people who took me to their family did not leave me behind and not leave me alone and not let someone else raise me as their own so that I can have a good and positive future like all other people, then why did everybody always called me: Albinos, white girl, white hunky, yellow gal, white B, dancing eyes, and yellow B, and while I was at Diane’s home August 2002, the mother she told me she wanted to show me pictures to show me how I got all messed up, I don’t know her people, I never met her folks, because the pictures of Carmella relatives, she said they are white people but their photos were taken in the 1800s and I was not around in the 1800s, I am a baby boomer, I was born in the 1950s, but why did everybody target me and my children for decades, my children and I are 2 generations of family people. but no one will not tell me the truth because they got far too much bias hatred against, they got something against me because of my color and I do look different from the rest of the family people, that don’t make no kind of sense at all, then she tells me when she told her friend about this, she told me her friend told her that her husband Nelson could have left you, she did tell me that statement out of her own mouth without me asking her that, she volunteered, and told me that statement, it was her own words. — feeling sad.


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