I Am Not No Delusional Disorder I’m Not Like That

ImageI been taken to a family by people who denied me at birth and they never had no kind of love for me, I got hurt by the set up on me from thes start and because Carmella Barber mother in law Rose who is Nelson’s mother thought she was an Albino I WAS TARGETED BY A FAMILY FULL OF HATEFUL PEOPLE WHO TOOK ME TO THEIR FAMILY FOR THEIR OWN PERSONAL GAIN, They just want to cash the life insurance checks on me and my kids Don’t call me no got damn delusional disorder person those people really do hate my guts, because they do got something against people with Albinism, some of those family people did tell me they don’t have people in their family with ALBINISM, I look different from them people and they always treated me very differently, All they did way treated me like an outcast, an outsider, and another person’s child, because I never did fit in this family, no I did not.


2 thoughts on “I Am Not No Delusional Disorder I’m Not Like That

    • The way I was treated, I can not do this alone, it is going to take a village to assist me in getting my life back, I am trying to help myself, but thanks anyway, I do not want to burden anyone, I am doing what I can and thanks for the moral support.

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