In The USA We Don’t Go Around Picking On People Because They Have Albinism

Imagemyself Charlene and sons  Alexander & Vincent 001 - CopyI really do wonder what make grown adult who do not like a certain baby, and other children they really don’t like and really do hate. What is it about the child that tick them off? Why do they take the child home in the first place and do horrible hateful cowardly acts to innocent children behind their back for several years that turn into now decades later? And they attack their children too, because that kind of S*** DON’T SUDDENLY STOP AND IT IS NOT HOW LONG AGO IT WAS, BECAUSE THE STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS ONLY PROTECT THE PERPRETRATOR, NOT THE VICTIMS. The abuses that happened to me and my kids, it is certainly not a random act and it is certainly not no coincident! No it is not like that. We don’t go around in this United States of America and pick on people because they have ALBINISM THAT IS PURELY IGNORANT AND DOWN RIGHT CRIMINAL, ANYBODY DO THAT IS A RACIST, IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT GROUP YOU ARE IN IT IS WRONG.


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