ImageAfter severals years of abuse you can’t get over that, THE PEOPLE IN THIS FAMILY DO GOT SOMETHING AGAINST PEOPLE WITH ALBINISM I KNOW BECAUSE THE FAMILY PEOPLE REALLY DO GOT A SERIOUS PERSONAL VENDETTA AGAINST ME. THEY DEHUMANIZED ME, THEY USED ME AND THEY DELIBERATELY STOOD IN MY WAY THEY WOULD NOT LET ME LIVE MY LIFE THE WAY I WANTED TO, THEY BLOCKED ME FROM WORKING A DECENT PAID CAREER WITH A WELL PAID SALARY, ALL THIS BECAUSE I WAS AN UNWANTED ALBINO BABY GIRL AND WAS TAKEN TO THE WRONG DAMN FAMILY. It is not my fault I was taken home where I was not welcomed the entire family did not even accept me from the beginning that is where all my troubles began at.and I was at their mercy and the people on the mother side they never took the time with me. The people on the step father side side of the family they never too the time with me either, I don’t even have not one single cousin communicating with me not at all and the whole family is like this with me I am not lying about that I don’t think I am a child. I am a grown women with a mother who always did treat me like a child and she still treat me like a child and there was nothing wrong with me but she told me she wanted to tell me how I got all messed up and it was about some white people she had in her family and I don’t know them at all and then I was told to dye my hair black and I was forced to dye my hair brown for several years and wear brown wigs until I stopped doing that and I should not have had to dye my blonde hair an not wear no wigs, I got a right to wear my hair blond that is my true hair color and I was called derogatory names Albino and some of those people on the mother side of the family said they don’t have no ALBINISM IN THEIR FAMILY I WAS TOLD THAT I AM NOT LYING AT ALL. I AM TELLING THE TRUTH AND NO I CAN NOT GET OVER IT AFTER BEING ABUSED FOR NOTHING I DID TO THEM PEOPLE FOR FAR TOO LONG and for decades and for that LENGTH OF TIME DON’T MAKE NO KIND OF SENSE AT ALL.
What am I supposed to do just put up and shut up for unprovoked vigilante bias crimes done to me for nothing and the did man handle my children too, they nearly killed one of my children and I had to flee far too many addresses amd I didn’t bother nobody and I did mind my very own business. and I made the big mistake of telling the mother I was may relocate she did tell me if I move somewhere else.I will just get the same thing and I might as well stay here in Chicago IL
The people won’t let me alone and I am not even bothering them at all. they did destroy I always had trouble getting paid jobs they always stood in my way and when I wanted to work when I was a teenager the mother did not back me up at all.I got excuses instead, I got stuck with babysitting and house work. this went on against me for decades and now I am the only person in the family with out any income but everybody got income. no I can not just get over it because was very criminal from the beginning. it is wrong and where I’m at I can’t get a medicaid card and I don’t have any income I am telling the truth.


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The worst night mares that I had in my life was being sabotaged by family members starting from the parents who denied me since the day I was born and I gotten hurt by a number of surprised, extreme hatred and too much fright and the villainous and bias hate crimes that was done to me for several years to the point to where the so called mother and father deliberately brain washed me and they both misled me from the very start and the mother, they pulled me out of school from my kindergarten class and I was shift off to 949 W Huron and I found myself on my need all bend over while a male was on me behind me and that was very inappropriate touching and that happened in the grandmother’s home and this happened when I was taken out of my kindergarten class room and I never got to complete kindergarten at all. and I was kept out of school until I returned back to school at age 7.5 years old and I had to start all over again and I was nearly 3 years behind in grade school and I got picked on and bullied in grade school and high school they set me up for nothing I did not even do to none of them people at all. I was taken to where people did drink and gotten drunk and leaving kids behind that was very wrong and very dangerous because I was taken to where I was used by the adults all my whole entire life and they made me a family,and a people scapegoat too. They controlled my life, and they RESTRICTED MY PERSONAL FREEDOM AND THE FAMILY PEOPLE DID FOLLOW ME EVERYWHERE I MOVED TO RIGHT BEHIND MY BACK FOR SEVERAL YEARS AND NOW TO THE PRESENT DECADES AND YES I’M TALKING THIS YEAR 2013 AND I DON’T HAVE ANY MONEY TO RETIRE ON. I was hurt by the offense and several life threatening situations and the gossip and the ambush, and entrapment that was not nice the way they treated me like an outcast and an outsider. ALL THE PEOPLE IN THIS FAMILY DO NOT LIKE PEOPLE WITH ALBINISM. THE PEOPLE IN THIS DAMN FAMILY DO GOT SOMETHING AGAINST PEOPLE WITH ALBINISM, PLEASE PEOPLE DO BE AWARE OF THIS, THAT IS VERY DANGEROUS AND IT IS VERY CRIMINAL AND VERY WRONG TO TREAT ANY PEOPLE LIKE THAT.

 I was born in a seriously dysfunctional family where some people with problems that need to be addressed and corrected even before I was born; this problem have gotten me into a world of trouble with some of them people and also I have been having problems from my grandmother’s former husband, John McCoy’s grandchildren from the McCoy family and his grandson Ralph James, his aunts are Rochelle Saymore and Lauraine Gordan, these people are not related to us by blood at all. I was a young adult age 20 when my grandmother told me about an incident at the time I was only just a 5 year old baby girl; my grandmother Carmella McCoy was babysitting me for my parents. Barbara McCoy James had several young babies of her own, including Ralph James, both women left the home there was only just babies neglected and left behind and there was no adult supervision of the babies and there was no one there at all. I was the oldest at that time, I didn’t know anything about it. there was a new born baby boy about a month old named Markham James, The McCoy people keep blaming me for all of the adult responsibiities. the child was jumped all over and as a result the child died.

 everybody said why didn’t Charlene stop everybody from jumping all over him at that time. They are still rentlessly angry at me for this. Those two women left the home to get a drink they were gone for long hours. I am really tire of paying for something that was not my fault from the begining. that was the adult responsibilities and I am wondering why do they keep blaming me for this; this is not fair to my family and I at all, It is very to dangerous to leave small children unsupervised and home alone. I am really tire of paying for something that was not my fault from the begining. that was the adult responsibilities and I am wondering why do they keep blaming me for this; this is not fair to my family and I. It is very to dangerous to leave small children unsupervised and home alone

 <Criminal things are more likely to be more intentional because it is planned by steps. What happened to me was not no coincident no it was not

There were some criminal things that Carmella McCoy she did some criminal erroneous things like leaving all children in their home unattended, but one parent was nabbed, but Carmella McCoy was not caught and things could have been much worse for me so everybody all got together and went behind my back and they did torture for several years and decades for deeds the adults were responsible for like watching over  us when we were babies, and I was only a 5 year old baby girl at time I was the oldest of all the babies in the home at 949 West Huron Street, but the 2 women left the home to get drinks alcohol and boos, they were gone for long hours,  I paid Richard Fourte and Belivia Morgan $900.00 dollars to move to 8921 N 91st street Unit B in Milwaukee WI and I paid the people $600.00 every month to be in that unit I paid them our money and I gave it to them people and I was not a day late and I was not a dollar short and I did not give them no kind of excuses, even when I did not get no hot water from them during the time from July 2000 to Mid November 2000 and I still paid Richard Fourte and Belivia Morgan the money for the Rent and I did not complaint against them I did not do that and all the people did was treat me and my children like trash and some people did throw bloody chicken bones under my door and windows and I was still paying them the rent money and the gas furnace did needed fixed and tuned up, that did not get fixed when my children and I was there and on April 13, 2001 my front door locks got jammed on me and I did not do that to myself, and that was not right for Belivia to aske me will I wear a Willie name tattooed on my RIGHT LEG , I DON’T WEAR NO DAMN TATTOO, DON’T ROB ME AND MY CHILDREN OF OUR DIGNITY, THAT IS VERY AND DOWN RIGHT CRIMINAL, DON’T CHEAT ME AND MY BABIES OUT OUR OUR LIFE LEAVE ME AND MY CHILDREN THE HELL ALONE BECAUSE I GOTTEN TAKEN TO THE WRONG DAMN FAMILY  FROM THE VERY BEGINNING, DON’T PICK ON ME BECAUSE I AM AN UNWANTED ALBINO CHILD AND THIS IS NOT MY FAMILY NO WAY.  October 2001, I moved out of the 8921 N 91st Street Unit B Milwaukee, WI and after I moved out the unit I did clean the unit before I left and LESS THAN ONE FULL MONTH SUDDENLY THEY STARTED TO PUT CITATIONS ON ME WITH A VEHICLE A 1985 TAN CHEVY I NEVER DID DRIVE AT ALL, AND THE POLICE CAME TO MY APARTMENT LOOKING FOR ME IN THE SUMMER OF 2003, I DID NOT DRIVE THAT VAN AT ALL BECAUSE THAT’S A LIE AND THAT WAS NOT FAIR AT ALL. I AM NOT NO DUMB ASS.  I DON’T APPRECIATE THAT AT ALL.

I will never forget how those kind of family did treat me and my children, I was still in school in 1971 When I was a 15 year old child Clara Pumphrey asked me Charlene are you going to bend over and let somebody get it so you can have a baby that look like you, they just wanted to take my baby away from me, and kill my baby ESPECIALLY IF MY BABY WAS BORN WITH  ALBINISM and some of the people in the family said they don’t have albinism in the family and them people have been very hostily cruel to me for as long as I lived in this family since  I been taken to this family and I really do hate that they taken me to this family. them people are very sneaky towards me. they always been like that towards me all the time, I’m not dumb and I’m not stupid.

A woman who never did wanted me taken me home to a complete hell hole. She didn’t have no love for me at all. If somebody keeps asking you about a ‘Life Insurance Policy’, what do you think? They are getting at and they keep asking you that question. Do you got any life insurance, but they did asked me that question and the person who always asked you that question and this is a person who always had a serious conflict or personal vendetta against you and you do know that you didn’t do nothing to that person. You had a lot of trouble with the family members and they never even liked you at all and when I had my children also, the same person did asked if I had a life insurance policy for my children too. And years later one of my children. My son mysteriously gotten away from a nursing home, they did place him in Warren Park for only 65 days in 2008, and he was so badly abused and criminally manhandled, they nearly killed him for nothing he did not even do,  he was not eating or drinking at all. His life was in danger he was on a life support machine and he was in diapers just like a baby. My son could not eat, he could not talk and he could not even walk and he could not even write his own name and I really wonder do anybody have a guardianship over me right behind my back? and the person won’t tell me, and they will not tell me why. The family people are treating me and my kids like we are animals and I really do want to know do anybody have a guardianship on my children behind my back, they are doing that on purpose and it is very wrong and deliberately, and somebody did marry me off behind my back just to get the money they are very wrong for doing me like that and then they all did laugh at me. and they did that to my children too. they are all very wrong for that. Every time I tried to move on with my own life and move forward, something suddenly do go very wrong with everything that I did try to do for myself and the family people did treat me like an outcast and an outsider and those family people are extremely hostile and they are really very cruel and are very hostile towards me and my children. Child welfare and child protection showed up at my door from 1990,1997,and in between through 2002, child welfare people came to my door in Chicago Il and Milwaukee,WI in 2002 my kids were age 17 turning 18 that year and my other son age 18 going on age 19 the same year the social workers came to my door and In 2000,I lost our Illinois Home Based Assistant Checks, right after I move from Illinois to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the summer of 2000.  In September 2002 I started to work at The Industries For The Blind,  but on September 27,2002 the same day I gotten my first pay check I did work for suddenly Sept 27, 2002 on the same day I got my pay check somebody did ring my door bell 13 damn time I know what I heard, and something told me you better be very careful because several family people have been always criminal with me from the very beginning and right from the start and they always did do me that way, they are very wrong for doing all those punitive criminal acts and all those really nasty and really cruel and very hateful bias hate crimes to me for the things I did not to none of those family people and NO I DID NOT DO NOTHING AT ALL TO THOSE PEOPLE,  THE FACT IS I WASN’T WANTED IN THE FAMILY, AND I DO KNOW THAT AND SOME DOCTORS DID GET IN MY FACE AND TOLD ME I HAD A DAMN HEART ATTACK, BECAUSE OF ALL THE HATE AND BIAS CRIMES DONE TO ME FOR SEVERAL YEARS AND NOW EVEN DECADES AND THE FAMILY PEOPLE WILL NOT EVEN BOTHER TO LEAVE ME AND MY CHILDREN THE HELL ALONE NOT AT ALL AND THEY DO NOT EVEN BOTHER TO TELL ME WHY, NO THEY DON’T TELL ME WHY EITHER, NOT ONE PERSON EVEN BOTHERED TO TELL ME WHY. I was only at The Industries For The Blind Only 65 days, they did let me go, Nelson Barber’s Mother Rose died January 1,1981 and 2008 my son Alexander was at Warren Park Nursing home only 65 days and he mysteriously gotten away from there, and when I moved from Milwaukee Wisconsin a in the summer of 2003 a different former landlord, did tell me the city of Milwaukee Police did come to her door at 3306 looking for me.

I am very angry because I been taken to a family by people who denied me at birth and they never had no kind of love for me, I got hurt by the set up on me from thes start and because Carmella Barber mother in law Rose who is Nelson’s mother thought she was an Albino and the people in the family never liked me, they always picked on me and for several years and decades the family people always called me racist derogatory names, they did hurt me that way, they spied on me for several years and they did invade my very own personal privacy and they did tell me to dye my hair black and I was forced to dye my hair brown and wear brown wigs for several and I was really made to be ashamed of myself, really feel sorry for myself and I was really feeling guilt ridden for things I was not responsible for and not at fault and they really put a life time sentence of vigilante style punishment on me and they did not even bother to tell me why. I REALLY WONDER DID THOSE PEOPLE BRING ME IN THIS FAMILY JUST TO COMMIT GENOCIDE MEANING TO KILL THE FAMILY, LOOK AT HOW THOSE FAMILY PEOPLE TREATED US, ANNIHILATE MEANS TO KILL STOP EVERYONE FROM LIVING IN THEIR TRACK OR TO PUT AN END TO WHAT OR WHO IS LIVING, OTHERWISE TO DESTROY INTENTIONALLY.

Things have not been good for me at all because they so called parents who taken me in their family, they did not really want to be bothered with me in the first place, it has always been that way from the start and they made life a living hell for me, they did destroy me from the start and I did not have no kind of future in this family, look how everybody else is living, they can buy new things and I can bearly by second hand clothen, because I been forced to live without an income, and Illinois State Dept Of Human Service will not help me at all, I did try that it did not help.