The People In This Family Made Me Feel Really Miserable

myself Charlene and sons  Alexander & Vincent 001 - Copy

While I was living in Milwaukee Wisconsin I never did drive the 1985 Chevy Van Tan in colorr Wi896CCE it did reflect my name and in the summer of 2003, a former landlord told me that the Milwaukee Police came to my door looking for me and I never did drive the van at all it was Rallph James inlaws The Morgans who drove the van in 2001 that is when the van was purchased, and the police was going to arrest me for nothing I did not do  because thats a lie, and April 2002 a social worker name Gayle Micheal was looking for me about my children at the same time I was in training for computer office clerical work and to get a decent paid salary but the people in this family really never did wanted me to work a paid career at all, because they kept on punishing me fot the FACT that I was not wanted in this family at all, I did not tell the family people to take me to their family, THEY SHOULD NOT HAVE TAKEN ME TO THEIR FAMILY.


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