myself Charlene and sons  Alexander & Vincent 001 - CopyThe women who taken me home she did tell me one time Tyrone was egging me on and I was acting up and I kept it up because Tyrone kept instigating and I would not stop, the so called mother Carmella said she took a wet towel and hit me in my face with the wet towel, she told me that in 2010, that was child abuse, why didn’t she get after her son Tyrone for starting that trouble first, he was much older than I was besides her son never did have no respect for me and he never did like me either, he always hated me and he always hated my kids.Clara is the one who asked me while I was a little girl only age 15,Charlene are you going to bend over and let somebody get it so you can HAVE A BABY THAT LOOKS LIKE YOU, I was only a child myself and Clara Pumphrey and her people always did tried to force sex on me and she should have treated me like a niece and try to help me pay for my school education and supportive of me obtaining a well paid career instead of picking on me like that and the women parent told me her sister Clara always did have a way of keeping up with everybody but she really hates the hell out of me and she really do hate my children’s guts for nothing they did not do to her just like I did not do nothing to her, then she always did want to invite me to a dangerous and deadly criminal ambush because I AM NOTHING TO CLARA EITHER, I KNOW THE WHOLE FAMILY REALLY DO HATE MY GUTS AND I REALLY DO WISH THEY NEVER TAKEN ME TO THE FAMILY ALTOGETHER AND I REALLY DO WISH THEY HAD LET ME ALONE AND LEFT ME BEHIND AND NOT TAKEN ME HOME. The people who was grown up adults way before I was even born, they did constantly fault and blamed me for all the adult responsibilities for all what is wrong with the family and they keep blaming me for other peoples children on 949 West Huron they keep reminding me of things in the past and at that time I was only a 5year old baby girl myself and I could not defend myself, that was the grown adult responsibilities to take care of their own children, you don’t blame a child for no grown up adult parents responsibilities, you all are very wrong do me like that, that is not right at all, no it is not.


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