The Family People Always Invaded My Personal Privacy No Respect

myself Charlene and sons  Alexander & Vincent 001 - Copy

It was July 2007 Patricia Metcalf Barber asked me do my children handle their own money, it was not none of her business, instead those people always disrespected me and they always invaded my personal privacy, and the family people did already get my business I was not ever safe in this family, fact is I was not wanted by those family people; they only used me for their own benefit, and they always did try to take my children away from me. I will never bother them no more because, all those people do is get on my last nerves, those family people always did get on my nerves because I was never safe with this family at all and they never did even bother to tell me why. they talk about me and my children like a dog, use God talk, insault my intelligence, hit and beat me over my head with their religion and they hit and beated my chldren over their head with religion as well, and Patricia the sibling rival who always hated me from the start ever since childhood,  she called me and asked me personal questions about female monthly cycle and life changes, and what they go through and then she asked me who will be my conservator, she said because I will be the only one who will know. From the day I was born, those people already dehumanized me several years ago and my children several years ago, and nothing did not improver  for my children and I at all,  I been forced to live below the poverty line, very poor and broke. Why are those family people really against me working and why do the family people pick on me and sabotage me everytime I try to do something for myself, those family people do not support me and they do not take care of me. Now I do not have anything to live on and I also had to flee several addresses.


2 thoughts on “The Family People Always Invaded My Personal Privacy No Respect

    • People really need to understand that Child Abuse do happen to innocent children, and we really do have real mean, nasty and cruel people who really like to abuse, pick on and bully children they really don’t like, and if it is your family abusing you like that, it is a real tragic and an unjustified life sentence that they did imposed on you and they do not tell you why, well it did happen to me that way, because those family people never did tell me why either.

      Thank you for the moral support.

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