WHY DO ALL THOSE FAMILY PEOPLE ACT SO  CRIMINAL WITH ME? this is not my family , why do the so called mother and her family keep picking on me for nothing I did not do? and why wasn’t she honest with me in the first place and WHY DO EVERYBODY IN THIS FAMILY KEEP FOCUSING ON ME? and WHAT DO THEY ALL REALLY WANT FROM ME? I WANT TO BE LET THE HELL ALONE!  the Pumphrey really do hate me, they do not like me at all, the Reddings really don’t like me at all and they got venomous hatred against me too, and the others, especially on the so called mother side of that family, all those family people did was treat me like an outcaser and an outsider, THAT IS WAY FAR TOO MUCH CRIMINAL ABUSES FOR THE DEED I DID NOT DO TO NONE OF THOSE PEOPLE , SOMETHING IS  REALLY WRONG  SOMEWHERE; I AM NOT AN  ASS HOE.

The mother used isolation to keep me centered on them, NOW I bonded, trusted snd I loved them people way far too much and all the family people did was show me continuous personal vendetta and venomous hatred for deeds I did not to her at all, she is responsible for deeds she did and she always blamed me for it,that was not my fought at all,   I really do wish they kept me out of it altogether. and while I was attending high school, I never got along with the siblings because they all treated me too different. they all acted like I should disappear from the face of the earth.and I can see that, in that high school, them kids were picking on me for nothing and some of them kids were trying to trip me down and some of them tried to push me down the stairs at that Chicago public high school and I could not walk the halls without some students laughing and snickering saying there she go is that your sister, at the time nobody did not tell me Nelson was my guardian there was not nothing wrong with me because I had Albinism I just was not wanted and I did not fit in their family that is what that was and they all did talk about me right behind my back and I was born and innocent baby like all other babies; this is nothing but unprovoked abuses,punishment and pure venomous hatred towards me from the start in my life and I never even had a chance with this family at all, FACT THAT IS BECAUSE I WAS NOT WANTED AT ALL AND I NEVER DID HAVE NO KIND OF PEACE IN TH IS FAMILY; and  that is very dangerous and the people never bothered to tell my why, and all they did way criminally insulted my intelligence, and I did not even do no wrong doings to none of those people all they did was showed me continous venomous hatred from the start and they all punished me for nothing, VIGILANTE STYLE AND WITHOUT THE LAW GETTING INVOLVED AT ALL, ALL BEAT UP CHARLENE SHIT FROM THE START, THEY ARE VERY WRONG FOR DOING ME LIKE THAT. WHAT THEY DID TO ME IS NOT FORGIVEABLE. AT ALL. they isolated me from my friends, they taken me out of kindergarten class school, they kept me from working decent paid careers with benefits and vacation time with pay. they kept me from going to decent school for higher education to get my certificate and a degree and to graduate and obtain me a well paying career. For several years ever since I was a young child those people always called me crazy,they always did threatened to take me to a psychiatrist to see if I am crazy or not and see what I am made of, and put me in a MENTAL INSTITUTION,  or put me in an AUDY HOME FOR BAD AND DANGEROUS BITCHES and that was very dangerous, I was not no trouble to none of these people in this family, those family people always tried to GET ME IN LEGAL TROUBLE ALL BECAUSE THE FACT THAT I WAS NOT WANTED BY THIS FAMILY AT ALL, and I don’t go out too much because I really don’t want to be bothered with too many crazy ass people. and I was forced to carry all the guilt and the blame for all the people shit and gossiping is really a bitch and I can’t work with that,  I WAS MISLED ON PURPOSE AND IT WAS REALLY DELIBERATE AND EVERYTHING WAS MY SHIT.


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