I still have not forgotten in the summer of 1971, I was a very decent young lady a 15 year old child, while we were visiting a relative the grandmother on the mother side of the family Clara ask me Charlene are you going to bend over and let somebody get it so you can have a baby that look just like you, somethng about that made me feel very uneasy; and 13 months later on September 16-1972 someone tried to sexually assault me while I was on my way going to high school and this was in the broad day light about 10 am in the morning time. I was force to keep going to the same high school on the south side of Chicago Clara sister Carmella did not do nothing when all them kids at that was picking on me for nothing and some of them kids were trying to trip me down and some of them tried to push me down the stairs at that Chicago public high school and I could not walk the halls without some students laughing and snickering saying there she go is that your sister, at the time nobody did not tell me Nelson was my guardian there was not nothing wrong with me because I had Albinism I just was not wanted and I did not fit in their family that is what that was and they all did talk about me right behind my back and I was born and innocent baby like all other babies who are born innocent and what the grown ups do that is between them. I really do wish they kept me out of it altogether.


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