Black family members dehumanized me. black people in the family gotten things started against me first Carmella Barber, and Nelson Barber did not want me for their child but they took me home when they should have left me behind and Clara Pumphrey she never was no loving aunt to me at all, she dehumanized me from the very beginning of my life and what do Clara Pumphrey all of the whole family people GOT REAL VENOMOUS HATRED AGAINST ME FOR NOTHING I DONE TO NONE OF THEM PEOPLE and why TOO MUCH HATRED AGAINST ME and WHY TOO MUCH VENOMOUS HATRED AGAINST BOTH MY CHILDREN? Ralph James wife Dorie Kate James she taken the title to the 1985 Tan Chevy van and she did not turn the title in so I can get in trouble with the Milwaukee Wisconsin Police and Ralph James her husband told me to call the Milwaukee Police tell them I don’t know where the van is, the van have been stolen and I want to file a POLICE REPORT ; I did not listen to Ralph H James because it is a false statement and I did not file a police report the police will arrest you for filing a false police report, the people in the family always picked on me and Ralph James is John McCoy’s grandson and Barbara McCoy’s son. and Markham James is Ralph’ brother and the McCoy family is relentlessly still angry at me for what their mother and my grandmother Carmella McCoy is responsible for they were responsible for the care of all us when we were only babies at the time Markham James and both women left the home, they went to get drinks and they were gone for long hours and there was no adults baby sitting none of us babies and I was only a 5 year old baby girl myself. HOW DO YOU BLAME A SMALL CHILD FOR ADULT RESPONSIBILITIES? I was an innocent baby girl who should not have been taken out of school and taken to an unhealthy environment where people get drunk all the time and fight and innocent babies get hurt for nothing because of grown post war people and the people are always full of excuses. Patricia Metcalf Barber never did act a sister no way instead she always acted like a sibling rivalry, SHE ALWAYS HATED MY GUTS and she really do not give a damn what happens to me because she always had opposition towards since childhood she never did change her attitude and her ways toward all them people do is be really very dirty and sneaky behind my back and I know the family people never did like at all. I WILL NEVER LIVE IN MILWAUKEE WISCONSIN NEVER AGAIN NOT ANYWHERE IN WISCONSIN BECAUSE I DON’T WANT NO MORE PROBLEMS FROM THEM PEOPLE UP THERE. there are several tickets and citations I did not put on the 1985 Tan Chev Van because I never did drive the van all the family people did was just took me home just to use me and endanger me and endanger my children the family people cheated me out of my whole life and they all tried to take my children away from me and that is ALL VERY HATEFUL AND ALL VERY CRIMINAL FOR THEM TO ALL TREAT ME AND TREAT MY CHILDREN LIKE SHIT.


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