Why Did The Family People Expose Me To Dangers

Why and how come several family people go behind my back and tell everybody who I did not know and people I didn’t communicate with my name is Charlene; how did people I did not know knew my name is Charlene Why would they tell people my name is Charlene. I didn’t know their names. These are people who were a stranger to me. I didn’t even know their name at all. No, I didn’t, I was attacked by several people I didn’t know and I didn’t do anything to them people at all. I was not the type a person who would communicate with anybody. I was not like that at all and I am still not like that. I was much too shame of myself. I was shamed and I was silenced for decades and I was much too shy especially when I was much younger but the people took me home just to use me and retaliate against me. All I got was nothing but pure rejection, denial, and venomous hatred by the family. I didn’t know nothing about love because they did not have no love for me at all.


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