The Family People Will Not Let Me Work & Get Paid For It

IF CERTAIN PEOPLE DON’T WANT YOU TO WORK, AND GET PAID TO FOR IT, THEN HOW ARE YOU GOING TO SUPPORT YOUR SELF AND YOUR FAMILY WITHOUT BEING JUMPED ALL ON RIGHT BEHIND YOUR BACK and because THEY ARE STILL TREATING ME LIKE A CHILD AND THEY ALL THINK I AM LACKING IN INTELLIGENCE. THEY ARE VERY WRONG FOR THIS. Then how can you earn your own pay check on a paid job and not worry about all of a sudden you are getting harassed by others on a paid job that you have a right to work and get a pay check for your work that you did because you know you need the money just like every one else, YOU DON’T BOTHER NOBODY AND YOU KNOW YOU ARE NOT THE TROUBLE MAKER TYPE.  What is the best remedy and the best solution to this kind of problem.  IF THIS HAPPENED TO YOU ALL.  HOW WOULD YOU ALL HANDLE IT?


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