Hey people look them people really did rob me of my very personal dignity and they treated me and my babies like sh**   I really don’t appreciate them Carmella Barber did not want no albino child in her family at all, then why did she take me to her family to get seriously injured and killed for nothing and it’s who you Bull Sh**  in 1956 that is where my troubles all began from the very beginning., Nelson Reed Barber and Carmella Elizabeth Pumphrey Barber took me home to their family right after I was born an innocent new born baby girl. I didn’t know I was in the world yet, both parents denied me at birth. Nelson Barber said I wasn’t his baby and he turned his back on me and I heard this several times before and Carmella Elizabeth Barber she denied me too for many years and decades and for the things I did not do and things I was not responsible for. She isolated me on purpose as if it was something I did to her and she was very wrong for treating me that way and her husband was very wrong for the way he treated me too. the women  is the caused of her husband Nelson hating  me because I was nothing to him and Nelson never did explain to me why he had venomous hatred towards me he didn’t apologize to me and he did not ask me for any kind of forgiveness at all and he sent me to another man’s arms because I needed love and I spend years looking for daddy, I really felt very empty inside I am a person,  I got feelings too like every body else. I am not no different. Carmella always blamed me over her husband ever since she took me to her family,  no she didn’t treat me like her daughter because I was not nothing to her either then why did the whole family turn against me. I did not have no power and I did not have no control over the family, it was the adults who had control over the family.  the mother isolated me on purpose,  they took me out of  my kindergarten class and I needed that socialization like all other children and I didn’t need to be dragged off to an unhealthy environment on 949 West Huron Street where grown ups drink and get drunk and fight over there and I was out of Chicago Public School for nearly 3 years and I returned to school at 7½ years of age and that was 6 moths shy of turning 8 years of age they made me start all over again and that went on repeatedly for several years Carmella’s mother in law Rose thought she was an albino. them family people said they do n’t have albinism in the so-called parents family.  professionals said that albinism is an inherrited genetic condiction. then people they picked on me repeatedly for several years and they tortured and harrassed me for several years. they would not let me work a decent paid job so that I can support my sels and can take care of they kidnapped me and they used me and they trashed me and they trashed my children too. They said I stank but they took my money away from me and it has been this way my entire life and one time I had a paid office job, no typing required only just filing work; the same day I started work there after lunch the supervisor told me I can go home now and I don’t have to come back and later when I went home, I was still living in the parents house;  a family member told me after I got back home she told me she called the job to see how I was doing but she should have waited till I got home so I can tell her all about the job and tell her about the day. You don’t ever call someone’s job when they just got started on a new whole entire life I had trouble obtaining the decent career that I always wanted to get and with a decent salary they blocked me from it and  they all treated me like an outcast and an outsider. they don’t treat me like I’m no relative at all. that is very strange. everybody else think that is very strange too and  why everybody keep picking on me like that and why they keep picking on my children and the McCoys, Ralph James they hate me because of his baby brother Markham James the new born baby was jumped and died as a result their mother and my grandmother both left the home to get drinks and they were gone for long hours and why do Ralph James and the McCoy family keep blaming me for the grown adult’s responsibility? and I was only a 5year old baby girl and there was no adult supervision of none of us babies at all and Ralph James is not my blood relative at all he is John McCoy’s grandson and Mr McCoy is our grandmother Carmella McCoy’s husband and Ralph James inlaws the Morgans hated me too and he was not supposed to talk me in to coming back to Milwaukee Wisconsin Ralph James is very wrong the whole damn family of people treated me like shit they did.  I am very hurt by all the criminal, cruel and vigilante hate crimes done to me and the Morgans is the ones who drove the  1985 tan chevy van they put citations on me and I never did drive the van at all, I did not even know how to drive and if I did know how to drive I would not have put citations on myself, they did it; and while I was back in Chicago IL a former landlord told me the Milwaukee Police came to their door looking for me no telling what it is all about. cititations,  I been in trouble with this family all my life and I just could not handle this kind of family, I am not responsible for none of them people’s behavior they all are very responsible for their own damn behavior.  I will not commit crimes and all kinds of bias crimes against my own self because I got albinism and I did not commit criminal bias crimes against my own children; child wefare people showed up at my door and why no one report to child protection services Charlene Barber is in serious trouble with her family.  Charlene is an unwanted and an abused child and everybody is talking about her behind her back and all they do is take unfair advantages of her and everybody did take unfair advantages of me and they all did treat  my children the same way and they still do take criminal advantages of both my children yes they do do that.. everybody did gossip about me too.


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