The Worst Nightmares I Lived Since My Childhood

The worst night mares that I had in my life was being sabotaged by family members starting from the parents who denied me since the day I was born and I gotten hurt by a number of surprised, extreme hatred and too much fright and the villainous and bias hate crimes that was done to me for several years to the point to where the so called mother and father deliberately brain washed me and they both misled me from the very start and the mother, they pulled me out of school from my kindergarten class and I was shift off to 949 W Huron and I found myself on my need all bend over while a male was on me behind me and that was very inappropriate touching and that happened in the grandmother’s home and this happened when I was taken out of my kindergarten class room and I never got to complete kindergarten at all. and I was kept out of school until I returned back to school at age 7.5 years old and I had to start all over again and I was nearly 3 years behind in grade school and I got picked on and bullied in grade school and high school they set me up for nothing I did not even do to none of them people at all. I was taken to where people did drink and gotten drunk and leaving kids behind that was very wrong and very dangerous I was used by the adults all my whole entire life and they made me a family scapegoat and a people scapegoat too and they controlled my life and I was hurt by the offense and several life threatening situations and the gossip and the ambushment traps. they treated me like an outcast and an outsider.
I was born in a seriously dysfunctional family where some people with problems that need to be addressed and corrected even before I was born; this problem have gotten me into a world of trouble with some of them people and also I have been having problems from my grandmother’s former husband, John McCoy’s grandchildren from the McCoy family and his grandson Ralph James, his aunts are Rochelle Saymore and Lauraine Gordan, these people are not related to us by blood at all. I was a young adult age 20 when my grandmother told me about an incident at the time I was only just a 5 year old baby girl; my grandmother Carmella McCoy was babysitting me for my parents. Barbara McCoy James had several young babies of her own, including Ralph James, both women left the home there was only just babies neglected and left behind and there was no adult supervision of the babies and there was no one there at all. I was the oldest at that time, I didn’t know anything about it. there was a new born baby boy about a month old named Markham James, The McCoy people keep blaming me for all of the adult responsibiities. the child was jumped all over and as a result the child died.
everybody said why didn’t Charlene stop everybody from jumping all over him at that time. They are still rentlessly angry at me for this. Those two women left the home to get a drink they were gone for long hours. I am really tire of paying for something that was not my fault from the begining. that was the adult responsibilities and I am wondering why do they keep blaming me for this; this is not fair to my family and I at all, It is very to dangerous to leave small children unsupervised and home alone. I am really tire of paying for something that was not my fault from the beginning. that was the adult responsibilities for the care and safety of babies, NOT ME OK, and I am wondering why do they keep blaming me for this THE ADULT RESPONSBILITIES, THE CARE OF OTHER BABIES WHEN I WAS ONLY A BABY GIRL MYSELF? I WAS UNABLE TO DEFEND MYSELF TOO, this is not fair to my family and I. It is very dangerous to leave small children unsupervised and home alone. You don’t blame an innocent baby girl because, she has ALBINISM, AND YOU ALL DO GOT SOMETHING AGAINST AN UNWANTED CHILD WITH ALBINISM THAT IS THE GROWN PEOPLE RESPONSIBILITY, YOU DON’T PUT ADULT RESPONSIBILITIES ON BABIES AND CHILDREN, GROWN ADULTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CHILDREN’S CARE AND SAFETY. ALL WHAT HAPPENED TO ME AND MY KIDS THAT IS NOT NO COINCIDENT AND FOR THAT LENGTH OF TIME FOR SEVERAL YEARS ON TOP OF IT. CHILD PROTECTION PEOPLE CAME TO MY DOOR ON ME ABOUT MY KIDS FOR SEVERAL YEARS, FROM 1990 to 1997, in between through 2002, MY CHLDREN WERE NEARLY GROWN WHEN THEY CAME, AND AT THE SAME I WAS IN A CAREER TRAINING PROGRAM SO I CAN WORK AND GET PAID FOR WORKING SO I CAN TAKE CARE OF MYSELF AND KIDS.
I gotten hurt being played with like a toy and an object and they always did treated me like I AM AN ALBINO COCK ROACH AND A WHITE RAT and they treated my children like they are COCK ROACHES AND RATS TOO and Clara Pumphrey she really always did hate my gut as if I did something to her no I did not do a damn thing to her at all. and she got a set up on me she hates me really just that much and I really do wish she didn’t invite me in her house like that she soaked the chicken and the potatoes in an enormous amount of salt,Clara did that on purpose I did not eat that Shit it was poison. and several years later.before I left the hospital with my newborn babies somebody swiched breakfast food on me at the hospital, I ordered regular food but they switched the food to oatmeal on me and I did not order no oatmeal and something was put in the oatmeal I did not eat that I thought something may be wrong with the oatmeal;. somebody in this family didn’t want me with my babies at all.

In Chicago IL
The summer July 11-1967,3 days before Carmella’s birthday I was only an 11 year old little girl a husky boy ran up to me and he hit me in my face with his fist and gave me a nose bleeding; I was wearing eye glasses and if he had broke my eye glasses he would have put my eyes out. He said I WAS ADOPTED.
We were at our grandmother’s home on the mother side of the family and I asked her for a glass of milk and she put an object it was a feen-o-ment pill in it and I looked under the glass and it was there, I told her I’m not going to drink that stuff, I gave it back to the grandmother, Tyrone Barber tried to force sour kool aid that was unsweetened down my throat, he threatened to whoop me with a belt I told him if he don’t leave me alone I was going to tell Nelson and Muff on him. they spat in my face, they spat in my hair, they forced me to dye my hair brown and they forced me to wear brown wigs for several years, I was not going to dye my hair black because I wanted to be myself and then one day I used COPPER TONE TAN product on my skin trying to fit this damn cursed family and THIS FAMILY STILL REJECTS ME AND THEY WILL NEVER LEAVE ME ALONE AND THEY WILL NOT BACK OFF AT ALL AND THIS FAMILY WILL NEVER LEAVE MY CHILDREN ALONE AT ALL AND THEM PEOPLE IN THIS FAMILY WILL NEVER BACK OFF BOTH OF MY CHILDREN AND THEY NEVER WANTED NONE OF MY CHILDREN IN THIS FAMILY FROM THE DAY I HAD MY KID THEY JUST SIMPLY DON’T WANT ME AND MY KIDS IN THIS DAMN FAMILY AT ALL AND THEY ALL HIDE BEHIND THE CHURCH.
Chicago addresses
September 1976, the so called parents put me out of the home for nothing I done and I was doing house cleaning and Ronald and Patricia was not helping me,I was the only one working and the man launged towards me and he tried to hit again and he called me a yellow bitch I dropped every thing and I left the house for my own personal safety and the so called parents put me out of their home and I didn’t have no paid job and I didn’t have no other personal income and money of my own,they put me on the streets of Chicago, Illinois and I was much too decent for that.and the other sister and her husband had taken me over to grandmother’s home on the mother’s side of the family because I didn’t have no where to go and I never did run with too many people because I need room to escape;our grandmother had taken my bags of clothes and personal belongings and  I never did run with too many people because I need room to escape;our grandmother had taken my bags of clothes and personal belongings and she took me in because I had no where to go

Between Oct and Nov 1980 on L and M street, there was a fire in a can behind my kitchen door, and I minded my own business there.

Nelson’s mother Rose who hated her daughter in law Carmella died  January 1-1981 on NEW YEARS DAY. SHE DIED AT AGE 65. the same year.

Spring 1981 on South Lytle street a subsidized apartment, things looked ok for a while, till suddenly, someone tampered with the locks it was fixed, I had to change phone number and there was rocks pelted and balls bounced on my windows for no apparent reason and I minded my own business there too in May 1981 it gotten worst so I moved out.

1988 was the old address by the beach on West Pratt Blvd, one day June 7 1988 someone went in the basement and they cut only just my telephone wire, repairs told me that only my line was cut and I had just moved to this section 8 apartment in May 1988 and I minded my own busuiness there too. how can that program help? and I also need a support group and some mentoring and to help me get back on my feet; It was a total lost and I am not financially on my feet yet and where I am living the public aide dept will not even give me a medicaid card no matter what. maybe because I been used.

In Milwaukee WI
Spring 1994 I was in a first time home buyers program and October 31-1994 I closed on a home located at 2144 N 40th street Milwaukee WI 53208, January 1995 my garage was marked up and June it was broken into June 1995 and July 28-1995 the garage was sat on fire I called 911 and November 8-1995 a car was set on fire by the garage, made it on fire again and SOME BODY SAT A BOMB ON MY CAR GARAGE. January 19-1996, the day before Clara’s birthday A BOMB WAS REMOVED FROM MY ROOF AND EVERY BODY HAD TO EVACUATE FROM THE AREA I did mind my own business there too and I did not bother anyone there. I taken out a 30 year mortage on this home I lived there only just ! year and 10 months and I couldn’t take the abusive stress anymore and my family is disabled and they don’t need any of that kind of abuse.


The Child Abuse I Suffered And PTSD Is Still There


to not want the child is very wrong and all children need uncondictioal love and respect and a right to keep their personal dignity the way they have a right to and they took it all away from me from the very beginning of my life at the time I didn’t even know I was in the world in 1956 and why would a man deny a child is his anyway and why did the women who I thought was my mother turned on me too. and the siblings rejected me too. they stalked me on my telephone for several years and they always acted like I wasn’t apart of the family, they always looked very down on me and they treated me like an outcast and an outsider and they are very ashamed of, the mother continues to isolate me from other like she always did and she never wanted me to work and earn my own money and money I don’t even have because of all violence and unprovoked abuses I been put througt for several years that is not no co-incident because it all began ever since I was small and I grew up being so afraid I also was vey shy and I became very withdrawn because of the worst than harsh abused