How can I find out if the mother and father have a legal guardianship over me because on my high school transcrips on the line where it ask for mother’s name Carmella Barber name is on that line and the line where it ask for mother’s maiden name Carmella Pumphrey is on that line. and on the line where it asked for the father’s name the line is left blank. and on the line where it asked for guardian’s name Nelson Barber name is on that line, I am wondering is there a way I can really find out if any body is my guardian or not and is anybody guardian to my children yes or no behind my back as well.,I really do want to know I got a right to know. How can I really find out because them people never was honest with me and the mother taken me out of kindergarten class where children need that socialization and I never had a chance to complete kindergarten at all and I was 7½ years old and I was nearly age 8 years old, when I returned to school and I was never ill and I was not in no hospital and I am wondering why did the mother tell me when I was a 19 year old grown woman Nelson still have jurish diction over you, yes she did tell me that, and I got picked on in the home, I got picked on in elementary and I got picked on in high school and I couldn’t walk the high school halls without hearing the students saying there she go IS THAT YOUR SISTER ? AND THEY LAUGHT AND SNICKER AT ME SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG SOMEWHERE  THE FAMILY PEOPLE GOT FAR TOO DAMN MUCH VENEMOUS HATRED AGAINST ME  AND THEY DID SET ME UP FOR SEVERAL YEARS OF UNPROVOKED ABUSE AND UNPROVOKED TORTURE  I am not lying about thatl.and they took control of my personal life and my person business these people are very hostile and they always dictated to me what to do. I am wondering How did I get a July-28-1969 birth date on my medical records and that  is not my birth date; my birth date is April-2-1956 they kicked me back 13 years of my life and this is very dangerous and is very criminal this caused lives and they deliberately messed up my children’s medical records the same way too.I am very tired of all ot this for nothing I did not do and I am still at a lost BECAUSE I WAS NOT WANTED AND THE MOTHER STOPPED TALKING TO ME ALTOGETHER SHE TOLD PEOPLE IF I CALL HER AND SHE SEE MY NUMBER AND NAME ON HER CALLER ID SHE WILL NOT ANSWER THE TELEPHONE AND THE SO CALLED MOTHER ALWAYS OVER BEARINGLY PEST ME ABOUT LIFE INSURANCE WHAT SHE TAKE TO THE FAMILY FOR WHEN SHE DIDN’T WANT ME.  I CAN’T STOMACH THIS ANYMORE. IT IS NOT FAIR FOR ME TO BE BOTHERED LIKE THAT IT IS VERY WRONG AND THEY DID ALWAYS CALL ME CRAZY AND THEY NEVER DID STOP CALLING ME THAT AND THEY DID THREATENED TO PUT ME IN AN ODDY HOME FOR BAD GIRLS AND PUT ME IN A MENTAL INSTITUTION AND I DID NOT POSE NO THREAT TO ANYONE IN THE HOME AND NOT EVEN IN THE COMMUNITY AND I COULD NEVER LIVE IN THIS FAMILY WITH NO PEACE AND I AM TAKING MEDICATION SO THAT I WON’T HAVE A HEART ATTACK OR A STROKE, I wasn’t allowed to be myself, I was told to dye my hair black by family people, and I was forced to dye my hair brown and to wear brown wigs and they always did teach me that something was always wrong with me just because I was born with a genetic inherrited condiction called Albinism. I got denied and rejected, I was teased,called derogatory racist names.abandoned by family.punished and bullied and the people on the mother side of the family they never took the time with me and the people on the father side of the family they never took the time with me either I AM AN ABANDONED ADULT CHILD WITHOUT NIO RESOURCES AND WITHOUT NO FAMILY AND NO SUPPORT AT ALL AND NOT FROM ONE SINGLE PERSON AT ALL with several million people in the country, why no one helped me out the situation that was not my fault from the beginning. Yes several years ago and I am still getting left overs from the past nothing didn’t change it gotten much worst to the point to where I can’t support myself, and even thought I had been unable to obtain paid work because someone was in the way and I still can’t even get medical card and I have no kind of income at all.I did apply for benefits,the state will not approve it and I have not been able to get back on Supplemental Income and I lost that in 1997 and I tried to at least get it back several time but it was much too stressful,
I am really tired of being used and tortured by a family who wanted me from the beginning.

Somebody should have helped me several years ago and removed me from Carmella Barber and Nelson Barber, I should have been raised in someone else’s house. All everybody is doing is using me for the money and they won’t let me get no money of my very own I got to have income to live on too. I got right to have money and money they won’t let me have THE FAMILY PEOPLE DEHUMANIZED ME DECADES AGO,  THE FAMILY PEOPLE DEHUMANIZED BOTH MY SONS TOO THAT IS WHY MY KIDS AND I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING.



  1. I feel your sadness, its really hard when parents the two people you are supposed to trust violate that trust and hurt you over and over, by sharing your story you will automatically liberate others from their pain, your right you should have been taken away from that family from all that hurt and pain… we dont have a choice in who our family is but as adults we have a choice to let them be apart of our lives or not. i hope you find inner strength as i see now in your blogs, to reach out to others like you… i hope that one day you find peace and happiness with your heart and are able to move forward from this pain..

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