Theresa died on April 14, 2003. This is Diane Barber Ross’s daughter. Diane Died on November 9, 2006. Theresa’s mother. When Diane died nobody called me, but the woman who was supposed to be a mother to me  called everyone else she didn’t call me because I was nothing to her, when I called her Diane’s home she was already dead for about a half of week. I called Diane’s other daughter named Tammy, she was very surprised I didn’t know about it and Tammy asked me you don’t know. I told her no because no one didn’t tell me anything about it these people always did play criminal mind games I really wish somebody just tell them people that people with albinism are not dumb people and they are not lacking in intelligence.that is pure ignorant and ignorance kills. So she told me herself about her passing away. The obituary had everyone elses picture on it, Nelson Barber and Carmella Barber children picture on it including my kids (my son Alexander and my son Vincent) except for me. They left me off of her obituary on purpose and Clara Pumphrey  who is Carmella sister have pictures of everybody including mysel. they never accepted me as a relative no way I can see that.  and they put a cat on it instead of me.  My children are not their children, they are my children.them people act like they got guardianship over me and they act like they got guardianship over my children I hate that shit, they act like I don’t know what the hell I am doing but the mother she pulled me out of a kindergarten classroom and I needed that socialization, and I did not get a chance to finish kinderten class at all and I was not sick and ill and I was not hospitalized while out of school. I did not deserve to be isolated from other children like somethng was wrong with me  and Nelson Barber died February 18-2008 and  5 months and 10 days later about 161 days  my son Alexander nearly died because the way them people targeted him just like they targeted  me every since I was only a baby girl, my concern is that  Carmella didn’t want from the start and she keeps blaming me for  everything that she did and that she is very responsible from the very beginning and I am really very tired of her criminally insaulting my intelligence just because she didn’t want me for her child;  she did not have no damn right to put grown ass people crap on me at all she was very wrong from the very beginning. that was not fair to me at all.  This family been on my babies ass since the day they both were born just like they been on my ass, I’m not dumb and I’m not stupid. EVERYTHING IS A GOT DAMN COVER UP AND NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON WILL NOT BOTHER TO LISTEN TO ME AT ALL.

When my son Alexander was in Warren Park 6700 N Damen Ave, he mysteriously gotten away from here on July 28,2008 and ended up in a hospital and he was not looking so good at all. He was not eating, not drinking any fluids, his teet was clenched (jaws was jammed). He would not and he could not talk to me at all, and his eyes was rolled bck to his head, I did see that. he was in Illinois Masonic Hospital and e was floating between 17 different hospitals and nursing homes and treated like trash. as a result of that; there were bruises, scars and holes poked in his legs I did not do that to my own son. that happened when he was suddenly in someone else’s place and care. he was not at my home when all of this happened to him.and not no one even talk to me about it; my son had to be put on life support and a feeding tube. I will never forget all of the pure hatred and hell them people put me and my kids through over the years, they blamed me since I was only a   old baby girl and for grown people responsibilities.

Patricia: “HI. One more thing, I don’t control Muff’s money. House is expensive to upkeep and you guys obviously don’t have a clue. And no one tells Muff what to do.” Charlene: Unfortunately some of you people never thought I was intelligent anyway. I am smarter than what you all think I am. Patricia: “Thanks for confirming how you feel about me by giving Poochie my number. I have nothing else to say to you ever.” 11/13/2011 Patricia Barber’s Text Message. “HI. This is to let you know Diane’s grandson Terrell passed away Friday in his sleep.” “For questions contact Tammy. You can let Poochie know for I don’t have his number.”

Patricia Matcalf Barber is the sibling rival who always hated my guts this is the one her mother told me when she die, she told this women to take care of me hell they don’t have nothing to do with me now, no they do not, and she do not support none of my sons Alexander and Vincent they are not Carmella’s kids, They are not Patricia’s kids, and they are not no damn other bitches kids those are my kids, and f**k those who think I got a mind of a little girl, all the sh** did come from this damn family people, I am not no damn crazy person, I JUST WAS NOT WANTED IN THIS FAMILY AT ALL.

Those people they continues to insult my intelligence this is not my family. Well them people never did treated me like a family. The so-called parents blamed me for everthing that I didn’t do and she punishes me for her misdeeds; everything my S***, she blames me since the time of birth and I was born innocent baby just like every other baby who were born as innocent. Then why did she blame me in the first place. I got blamed when I was an innocent baby and that isn’t my fault. Clara has pictures  she never had anykind of love for me and the respect for me either. She always hated me for nothing I did to her and I never had anything to do with Clara from the beginning. She never even gave me the time for some strange and a strange  reason and unexplained excuses the mother never supported me and wanted me in finding a paid job for me, even when I always wanted to work while I was a youth and jobs for the summer school break time. But everyone else had a paid job. Her excuse was her husband income was too much but the program was for me and other kids who wanted summer paid jobs. I had do without it while I was 13 years old. I sent my auntie on the father side a letter. She wanted me to spend time with her I was not allowed to go. But when I graduated from Calumet High School, I got picked on there too, and words and rumors spread around bullying there. In June 1976, after I finished the school in less than 2 months. Next month after I finish in July 1976; Carmella’s Sister name Clara called the house, I was a grown 20-year old woman, she talked to mother. They wanted me and Ronald who was mentally ill to spend 2 weeks in her home and I went with him, and she came to get us, but she didn’t take Patricia with her. It should of been Ronald and Patricia. Not Me, because I was a 20 year old grown women and the people  never even valued me as a person,they treated me like a child and I got seriously hurt by them people playing with me like a toy and an object and they always are very irritated with me from the start ever since I was first taken to this fanily, I was born an innocent child just like the rest of the people, I should not have been treated no different at all but I didn’t have no kind of control over the situation just like the other children didn’t. PLAYING  WITH PEOPLE’S LIFE THAT IS NO RESPECT AT ALL,.

I was taken into a family where I didn’t belong. (But that’s so wrong!) I don’t like the way I am still living. I am wondering how would anyone feel if people in your family start teasing you and calling you some kind of names. You wouldn’t like it, the parents will be so angry and mad at you and they didn’t tell me what was it about me that really made them so angry. Them people always gossiping about me over the years. People don’t want to listen to me. I felt like I was kidnapped in this damn family. I got a darn right to speak up and explain and express myself this don’t feel like my family to me because they didn’t treat me like a relative. I wasn’t wanted by them. They treated me very different from everybody else in this family because I didn’t fit in and they treated me so darn hostile and so damn criminal.

I didn’t count or matter. I was only a mouth to feed and I was anything but a person to them people. Them people always blamed me for grown up misdeeds and their behavior. I got hurt by their misdeeds of grown up behavior. I had no business being around them people at all. And is everything my Sh*t? No it was never my S***. Everybody focus on me and targets me. I was taken to a family where I didn’t fit in. And as a result. I couldn’t adapt in the family anywhere. Not at the home and not at the school and not even on Jobs. Why nobody never took the time and talk or explain to me, I am a person also. I am not less than a person, couldn’t somebody said something. Said anything at all?  I really need help several years ago and the state of Illinois should have been contacted to remove me from Carmella Barber and Nelson Barber and my name should have been changed so I would not been followed and harassed for the deeds I did not even do to none of them people, I just was not wanted that is what it was and what ever else it is.


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